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Aug. 31, 2006
View Sample Screens Learn the many ways Fleet Owner's FleetSeek can help you: Ease of Use in Researching FleetsFind Freight Carriers Find Truckload Carriers Find LTL Carriers Find Fleets by Local, Regional, National Designation Find ...

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Learn the many ways Fleet Owner's FleetSeek can help you: Ease of Use in Researching FleetsFind Freight CarriersFind Truckload CarriersFind LTL CarriersFind Fleets by Local, Regional, National DesignationFind Motor CarriersFind Fleets by CountryFind Owner OperatorsFind Private CarriersFind Truck DriversGet Truck Marketing InfoGet Truck Mailing ListsTrack Trucking InsuranceTrack Constant Changes in the Trucking Industry

Private Carriers


Companies with core businesses in food services, construction, manufacturing, or retail sales buy or lease trucks and trailers and form their own "private fleets." Coca-Cola, Wal-Mart, Frito-Lay, SYSCO, AmeriGas, Oldcastle, Lowes, Cintas, and Weyerhaeuser are some examples. Even your local plumber, electrician, trash company, and telephone company, by using trucks in support of their primary business--which is not trucking--have private fleets.

Over 60,000 major United States businesses employ their own private carriers with fleets of ten or more trucks. These companies represent tremendous opportunity for any supplier, whether it sells tires, tracking systems, mechanics' tools, or anything else needed by transportation companies. One common roadblock suppliers face in obtaining the business of these private fleets is not knowing who to contact.

No matter how small or large the company is, it will undoubtedly experience turnover in the transportation department. People frequently leave positions, and businesses are constantly reorganizing. As a result, salespeople can end up wasting valuable time dialing phone numbers that no longer exist, or waste thousands of dollars on postage for mail to invalid addresses or out of date contact information.

Keeping Track of Private Carriers



Rather than attempting to keep up with the movement of 60,000 private carriers, which is virtually impossible without a team of designated employees whose main function is doing just that, a supplier to trucking operations can purchase a FleetSeek subscription to our unparalleled Private Fleet Directory. This listing of private fleets is constantly updated by our in-house team of research associates, who diligently verify all contact and demographic information from multiple sources before posting it. In terms of accuracy, no other database even compares to it.

Here at FleetSeek we offer a user-friendly online database of private carriers, updated every 72 hours, assuring the latest information our marketing team has discovered will always be available at your fingertips. In addition to the contact information, you will also find demographics on every private carrier listed from truck, tractor and trailer counts to industries served--including SIC Classifications--trailer types, gvw classes, and more. For the most accurate and usable information on private carriers, FleetSeek has no peer.

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