Sprinter lease and maintenance program launched

March 7, 2013

Indianapolis. Mercedes-Benz and Freightliner dealers across the U.S. will be offering a new lease and maintenance program for customers seeking to use the Sprinter van in their operations.

The new Sprinter Care Lease is a fixed-payment, comprehensive leasing and maintenance package that includes coverage for preventive maintenance and replacement of common wear items, plus an extended limited warranty.

Sprinter Care Lease is being offered by Daimler Truck Financial and Mercedes‐Benz Financial Services, the captive finance units supporting Daimler Trucks North America and Mercedes‐Benz USA franchised dealers and customers, respectively.

“This is a game‐changer for the small and medium‐sized business owner with a fleet of vans, because it helps minimize the biggest threat to small businesses, which is unknown and unforeseen liabilities,” said Scott Ames, national fleet accounts representative for RBM of Atlanta North, a Mercedes‐Benz dealership.

Customers retain the flexibility to structure the leases based on specific business needs with terms ranging from 36 to 60 months and mileage from 60,000 up to 150,000.

One choice of lease structure is the Fair Market Value (FMV) lease which enables the customer to turn in and walk away from the vehicle at the end of the term with no residual value obligation. It offers lower payments than retail financing and avoidance of risks and responsibilities associated with vehicle ownership, the companies said.

The other lease structure is a TRAC, or Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause, lease which is the most common structure used for commercial vehicles and fleets. TRAC offers lower monthly payments than retail, no excess wear and tear charges and multiple options for disposition of the vehicle at the end of the lease, plus other attractive features.

The preventive maintenance package includes coverage for the most common maintenance tasks and, at specified mileage intervals, specifically includes:

  • Oil and filter changes
  • Periodic inspections
  • DEF reservoir fill
  • Brake & tire checks
  • Automatic transmission
  • Oil & filter

Additional covered items include windshield wipers, brake pads and sensors and brake rotors.

Sprinter Care also includes an extended limited warranty that includes components and parts of the engine, transmission, rear axle, audio systems, cooling system and climate control.

“This is the type of one‐price monthly payment package that our customers have requested to manage their businesses with greater efficiency and cost‐control,” said Ron Storz, general manager, business development, Daimler Truck Financial.

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