Azuga partners with Allstate to offer roadside assistance

For clients that opt for the service, fleet drivers will be able to use Azuga's FleetMobile app to call for towing, fuel delivery and other roadside services with a touch of a button, according to Azuga.

For companies that rely on their fleet service, problems on the road can present not only risks to business but safety risks as well. Connected vehicle and fleet technology provider Azuga has teamed up with Signature Motor Club, an Allstate company, to provide emergency roadside services for its fleet clients.

Signature Motor Club's fleet services include:


•Roadside winching for vehicles stuck in mud, snow or off-road

•Lockout service


•Gasoline delivery

•Tire changes

Azuga will begin offering the service in August. According to the company, it will bring fleets the same processes and technology Allstate has been using to give other drivers roadside help quickly at a small monthly cost per vehicle. "Using the Azuga FleetMobile app, a stranded driver will be able to touch a button on their phone or make a quick call, and Signature will locate a local service provider in seconds," said Azuga CEO Ananth Rani. "Drivers can track the provider's location on their phones, so they know when help will arrive."

Allstate's vehicle service calls use a network of providers and average 28 minutes, according to Pam Dufour, president of Allstate Roadside Services. "We are continuing to make significant investments in technology to get people back on the road — fast. And now, with the Azuga FleetMobile app and Roadside Assistance by Signature Motor Club, Azuga's fleet customers can expect that same service and commitment."


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