Tribe Express to outfit fleet with EpicVue

Feb. 9, 2016
Refrigerated carrier adds in-cab satellite TV systems to existing and new trucks

EpicVue, providers of premium in-cab satellite TV packaged for the trucking industry, announced that Tribe Express is equipping its entire fleet with satellite TV to help retain drivers for its rapidly expanding operation. After ordering 200 EpicVue systems in late 2015, Tribe Express committed to another 100 in-cab satellite TV systems for new tractors being added to its fleet this year.

“While our driver turnover rate is generally as low as 33%, if we continue to show our employees how important they are to us and how much we value their efforts it will help keep them here,” said Matt Handte, executive vice president of Tribe Express. “EpicVue offers the kind of value and comfort we try to provide drivers by giving them the ability to watch a game, movie or program they might watch at home. In this business you only usually get graded on what you do wrong. With EpicVue we got it right.”

Founded in 2010, Tribe Express has grown from 60 trucks in 2012 to a planned 350 by the end of 2016, according to the company. Adding 100 company tractors along with 50 more Cherokee National owner operators to its operation this year means the truckload carrier needs about 450 drivers, including teams.

“It can cost us $2,000 to recruit, train and orient a new driver,” Handte stated. “And when we have an empty seat it can cost $5,000 per week in lost revenue. That makes the payback on EpicVue for installation and subscription costs very fast, and based on how positively our drivers have reacted to our decision to equip the entire fleet with satellite TV, we believe the systems will lower our turnover rate even further.”

Based on driver seniority, the Tribe Express shop is now beginning to install EpicVue in its existing 200 tractors, and expects to complete the installations in six months. The in-cab satellite TV systems will also be installed in new trucks as they are placed in service this year.

The EpicVue package includes more than 100 channels of DIRECTV programming, including premium channels such as HBO/Cinemax, SHOWTIME and the NFL Sunday Ticket. The in-cab satellite TV systems are offered to fleets with 20 or more vehicles for a monthly subscription fee of $49 under a five-year contract or $59 monthly for a three-year contract.

“The commitment that Tribe Express is making by equipping its entire fleet with in-cab satellite TV systems proves that offering comfort benefits is a factor in lower driver turnover and higher retention,” said Lance Platt, CEO of EpicVue. “We are pleased that Tribe Express has recognized the value EpicVue offers.”

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