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1.24.19 Phillip Front good.jpg National Carriers Inc.
Nicknamed “Froggy” for his love of underwater swimming, Phillip Starosta spends his time on land as a company driver to the lower 48 states.

NCI nominates two for Driver of the Year

A company driver and owner-operator received a $1,000 bonus and are now finalists for the $10,000 Driver of the Year prize to be awarded in April.

Phillip Starosta and Jose Aragon were recently named Drivers of the Month by National Carriers Inc (NCI).

Nicknamed “Froggy” for his love of underwater swimming, Starosta spends his time on land as a company driver to the lower 48 states. A 30-year trucking veteran — and Air Force veteran, too — he joined the "Elite Fleet," as NCI calls itself, four years ago when he moved to Florida. He took the Driver of the Month honor for October. 

“When I relocated, I had to find a company who hired from the area. I looked into NCI and found the people friendly,” said Starosta. “Most importantly, they never lied to me. Everything they said concerning their trucks and freight has been true. The trucks are constantly updated, well maintained, and attractive. I don’t focus on recognition and bonuses; I feel if I do my job well, I will be rewarded.”

That’s proved true. In the third quarter of 2018, he was one of 15 NCI drivers to earn bonus money in utilization, safety, and fuel economy for a total of four extra cents on all dispatched miles.

November Driver of the Month, Aragon, has been an owner-operator in the National Carriers livestock division for twenty-one years, and has operated his vehicle without any accidents for over two million miles.

National Carriers, Inc.

A leader in cattle handling, he also raises livestock on his 500-acre ranch outside of Liberal, Kansas, where his wife, Argelia, is an employee of the police department.

When asked his secret to long-term success, Aragon said: “I like my job. It is a good way to provide for my family. When I am not hauling livestock or working on my truck, I am taking care of my cattle. I began working at National Carriers in 1997. There have been many changes over the years, including my son Andrew joining me hauling cattle in the livestock division. I appreciate being chosen for this award.”

National Carriers spokesperson, Ed Kentner said: “It is dedicated company drivers and owner-operators who have built and maintain our company reputation as the 'Elite Fleet.' We are excited as we move closer to our annual banquet when we will name our 2018 Driver of the Year.”

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