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National Carriers Inc Gutzler
NCI driver Jeff Gutzler was named Driver of the Month for September.

NCI recognizes ‘Elite’ Fleet drivers

Jeff Gutzler has been awarded Driver of the Month for September 2017 by National Carriers Inc. He operates a company truck within NCI Hides Division where he recently celebrated his 10th anniversary.  He and his wife, Billie, are residents of Portales, New Mexico. He is now a finalist for NCI Driver of the Year to be announced in April of 2018.

According to National Carriers spokesman Ed Kentner, “Jeff is one of the most upbeat, professional drivers in the industry. His appearance and attitude is always professional. Drawing from his military background he completes assigned tasks with minimal assistance. He has twenty-four years of safe truck driving with the last million and a half miles with NCI. He is now eligible to compete for our NCI Driver of the Year Award in April of 2018.”  

“I am always looking behind, looking to each side, looking ahead, looking far ahead, always on the lookout for the other driver who may not be paying attention or who is driving dangerously,” Gutzler explained. “Defensive driving cannot be over emphasized. I am thankful the opportunity NCI has given me and I also appreciate being recognized as driver of the month.”

The “Elite” Fleet has recently recognized Laura McCullough, Roger Alexander, Mike Wylie, and James Johnson with safety rings in recognition of five years of accident free driving while Robert Mallard was recognized for 10 years.

Each Driver of the Month is a finalist for NCI Driver of the Year 2017 with each monthly winner receiving a $500 bonus. National Carriers Driver of the Year is awarded a $5000 prize at the NCI Driver of the Year Banquet held in Arlington, TX, in the spring 2018.

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