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NCI named Dawn Roberts as driver of the month for August 2017 Photo NCI
<p>NCI named Dawn Roberts as driver of the month for August 2017. <em><strong>(Photo: NCI)</strong></em></p>

NCI: Roberts named driver of the month for ‘Elite Fleet’

National Carriers Inc. (NCI) has named Dawn Roberts as driver of the month for August 2017. She drives a company truck on National Carriers Southwest Regional Fleet and lives in Houma, LA. She is now a finalist for NCI’s Driver of the Year to be announced in April 2018, the company noted.

“When our driver of the month selection committee called Dawn to notify her that she had been selected, her reaction was precious,” shared safety director Jill Maschmeier. “She was starting to tear up from joy and surprise. The shock and disbelief in her voice was priceless. She is a humble person who does an exceptional job every day and our committee was pleased to name her as driver of the month. She now will compete for the $5000 Driver of the Year Award.” 

A former airline flight attendant, Roberts began her career in trucking as a flatbed driver when she noticed National Carriers trucks on the road. She said she was impressed with the company and promised that one day she’d drive for its “Elite” Fleet. Later she and her driving partner joined NCI. After a short stay her partner decided to return to pulling flatbed trailers and she went to care for her sister who had become paralyzed. In June 2016 she returned to drive solo.

“The first time I saw National Carriers trucks I was impressed,” Roberts said. “I thought to myself that someday I would drive for them. Once my sister’s situation was resolved I called National and was delighted when they rehired me. I enjoy driving trucks and the automatic transmission in my current Kenworth is a great thing. I’ve worked in the airline business and the oilfield business, but once I decided driving class A trucks was what I wanted to do, I grew into being a truck driver.” 

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