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Five good things that happened in trucking this week - Friday, April 10

April 10, 2020
COVID-19 has continued through April, keeping people in their homes and truck drivers on the road.

The novel coronavirus has continued through April, keeping people in their homes and truck drivers on the road. Despite social distancing protocols, people are still doing what they can to support America’s truck drivers and spread happiness through the community. Here are five good things that happened this week.

Girl Scouts support truckers

Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails have partnered with Love’s Travel Stops to allow the public to show their appreciation for truck drivers who are delivering critical supplies in New Mexico and beyond.

Donations for Drivers provides a way for individuals and businesses to say thank you by donating boxes of cookies that will be given to drivers at Love’s Travel Stops along I-40 in New Mexico. Donations are being accepted through April 19 or until supplies run out — so far, just under 20,000 boxes of the 50,000 goal have been donated. Each $5 donation buys one box of cookies that will be delivered to a professional driver stopping for fuel, food or rest at a Love’s Travel Stop.

“Professional truck drivers are the heroes of the highway, and we are so thrilled how the country has come together to appreciate the work they’ve done during the COVID-19 crisis,” said Jenny Love Meyer, chief culture officer and executive vice president of Love’s. “We’re excited to partner with the Girl Scouts and help bring joy to the men and women who are keeping the country running.”

WIT partners with Espyr to support drivers’ behavioral health

Women in Trucking Association (WIT) and Espyr have joined efforts to support professional driver health. It will provide truck drivers who are members of WIT with 90 days free access to Espyr’s Fit to Pass coaching program and iResolve, Espyr’s CDL Driver Support Hotline. 

The impacts of COVID-19 — fear of contagion, closed restaurants, limited availability of restrooms and showers — can take a substantial toll on drivers’ health. Espyr’s Fit to Pass is a customized coaching program designed to improve the health of professional drivers and help them meet the physical requirements of the DOT recertification exam. 

iResolve is a tele-mental health solution that provides immediate support for driver mental health and work-life related issues. Drivers and their family members can speak with an Espyr mental health professional without an appointment and without waiting.

“Our concern is for the nation’s drivers who have to cope with the added challenges brought on by COVID-19 on a daily basis and need the support these programs can provide,” said Chris Heine, Amazon’s director of transportation and WIT board member. “Drivers have always kept America moving. Now more than ever we need to care for them like they care for the products they haul.”

Nikola’s Trevor Milton sells car for COVID-19 support

In a tweet on April 6, Nikola CEO Trevor Milton shared his birthday plan to sell his dream car, an Audi V10, giving the $150,000 - $200,000 profits to “families that don’t have the ability to pay for food, car payments, house payments, etc.”

“This will go to families I don’t know,” said Milton. “It’s time to give what we most love to those who need.”

Milton’s birthday wishes were met with support and opposition online. When called out for announcing his good deed instead of making the gesture silently, Milton responded in kind sharing his “leader, not a follower” philosophy:

Flock Freight’s Driver Care meal support

In light of COVID-19, Flock Freight has recently launched Driver Care, a program to thank Flock Freight carriers and drivers for the risk they are taking to keep supply chains running and put food on the table. The Driver Care program will continue to expand, but the first offering from Driver Care is a free meal on Flock Freight:

  • Drivers and their families can receive credits for DoorDash or other delivery platforms, restaurant chain gift cards, or Lyft credits (for drivers who need access to drive-thru services or if they are only near establishments that only offer drive-thru options.) 
  • Individuals will be provided $15 credits, families will be provided with $20 credits

To help drivers support their loved ones while they're on the road, Driver Care provides free delivery/restaurant credits to those at home.

XPO Logistics helps spread the joy with Big Bird

In a video shared on Twitter by Life at XPO on April 6, Big Bird rode a bicycle to spread joy to children and families through a neighborhood. While at a stop sign, Big Bird waved at an XPO Logistics driver, who honked back. The video tweet may only be 27 seconds long, but I’ve watched it repeatedly all week — mission accomplished. 

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