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This edition of Fleet radio is all about the Teamsters Union, Jim Hoffa and the Mexican truck controversy. Fleet Radio offers up an exclusive, one-on-one interview with the one-and-only Jim Hoffa, President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Mr. Hoffa weighs-in of the pilot program to allow Mexican trucks to traverse American roadways; he outlines why it’s a bad idea based on many levels, including: safety, environmental and national security. Your host, Graham ledger, guides listeners through the topic, explaining why the Mexican truck pilot program is a horrendous idea. All this, on the heels of a protest---lead by Hoffa---at the international border in San Diego. WHAT A SHOW!

Fleet radio by SmartDrive on and...
HiTechEd joins the program to talk about the new car that senses when there is a red light even if you don't; the car brakes for you! That plus the cars of the year--- green and otherwise. And, can you pass the driver's test offered by GMAC. Also checking in on this program is our good friend Chris Brown from Fleet-Central, discussing the new Smart Car coming to America in early 2008.

Warning: don't fire a shot-gun at your lug-nuts! Silly, but a true story.
A man did this…and it's recounted on this edition of Fleet Radio. Your kind host, Graham Ledger, goes easy on him, but not so easy on the Governor of New York and his failed plan to issue drivers licenses to illegal immigrants. A Canadian fire truck gets stopped at the border---for good reasons. And, a sad, sad story of three little children killed when the mini-van they were in was rear-ended by a truck driver with a history of driving issues. Your host has perspective and hope to prevent future tragedies. First guest is Jim Taylor, President of the Oklahoma Association of Pupil Transportation who talks about the new law banning cell-phone use for school bus drivers. Also on the show: Russ Rader, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, talking DUI's and how to prevent people from trying to drive drunk, as well as race-style motorcycles and the cycle of death associated with them.

Google at the gas pump and General Motors' big loss...
tops the Fleet Radio by SmartDrive show hit parade. The GM hit is less to do with selling cars and more to do with accounting, according to your trusty host, Graham Ledger. The new Mustang commemorates Steve McQueen's famous car in the 1968 flick "Bullitt". Oil continues to climb and the ATA is offering new guidelines. Today's guest is Bill Sims who operates a company that deals in behavioral modification and rewarding good behavior, including good driving. It's a captivating interview.

The witching hour for Fleet Radio by SmartDrive!
It's Halloween and a fitting show. This is the Firestorm 2007 Show. Your host, Graham Ledger, outlines what it was like to be right in the line of fire---the huge Witch Fire, of all things. Re-tread Roger actually shows-up for this edition and adds his two-cents about the fires and being evacuated. The recovery effort really details the true spirit of San Diego, the true spirit of the old West and the true spirit of Americans during a time of crisis. The first guest on this program: Col. Doug O'Brien with the Salvation Army San Diego. The Colonel outlines how the Army comes immediately to the rescue during disasters like the fires. The Army fills a tremendous gap, along with its good friend St. Vincent de Paul and the American red Cross. What a show!

On this occasion, your host---Graham Ledger---has great intentions...

Things get off to a rocky start when re-tread Roger no-shows again. No-the-less, ever the professional, Ledger rolls on with his take on the economy and where the markets are headed. Also, the latest on the UAW Chrysler strike. First Guest: Jim Burnett, Vice President of Business Development for Accruit…talking about 1031 exchanges for fleets of vehicles. Second Guest: Dean Newell, Vice President of Safety for Maverick Trucking…talking about his fleet's approach to safe driving

OJ, Michael Vick and the Teamsters. What do they all have in common?

They are all in the cross-hairs of Fleet Radio, with Graham Ledger. Also, the micro-cars and bad traffic congestion. First Guest is Tim Touhy, Manager of Public relations for Navistar-International; he talks about the latest in a proud tradition of making great rigs. Second Guest is Steve Bloch, Traffic Safety Researcher for AAA of Southern California; he talks about the latest research in hands-free cell phone use and where the legislation in California is headed.

Barry Bonds ball is not important, but ending the GM strike is…

Fleet Radio looks at the issues that the UAW and GM will have to deal with in their agreement to end the strike. More Con-way news. And, Dale Moser, President and COO of…talking about their new double-decker buses in the U.S. Also, Keith Reynolds, VP Business Development for Vidiation…and their new technology to detect radiation by simply looking at video!

OJ Simpson and the link to Fleet Radio…

Saudi women seeking the right to drive…if gas prices go up, waistlines will go down? You gotta be kidding. It’s all on this edition of Fleet Radio with Graham Ledger. It’s also a Roadway program. Guests include: Alphonso Lweis, driver for Roadway and…National Grad Champion Driver fresh from the “Super Bowl of Safety” competition. And, Alphonso’s boss, Terminal Manager for Roadway, Frank Manzella…on how Roadway focuses on safety first.

More news from the Teamsters on the Mexican Truck issue…

Leslie Miller spokesperson for the Teamsters, quickly checks-in on the matter delivering the big news that the Senate is supporting the union on this issue. The New York Taxi strike…speed governors in Canada…and more. Guest number on the program: Elizabeth Willmott, Director of the King County, Clean Vehicles Conference in Seattle…focusing on the big show featuring “clean and green” vehicles. Second guest: Dave Cullen, Executive Editor of Fleet Owner Magazine…talking all matters transport.

Breaking news from Fleet Radio: the Teamsters are mad and are fighting back!

You don’t want to get the Teamsters mad at you and Fleet radio knows that! So, the Teamsters are heard on this program. Leslie Miller, spokesperson for the Teamsters, talks about letting Mexican trucks across the border. Your host, fleet geek Graham Ledger, has first hand experience with Mexico and the trucking issue, having just returned from Baja with fresh stories. Also, Joe Nolan, Vice President of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, talks about the latest bumper crash testing.

The show before Labor Day produces a warning from MADD.

Also, the millionaire dog, Miss Teen USA and her geography problem, and please search every piece of cargo coming into the US! The fleet geek, Graham Ledger brings in Charlie Halfen of UPS to talk trucking safety again. Also on the program: Gary Pearson of 3M Company who talks roadway safety for workers who put their lives on the line to keep the roadways safe.

This edition of Fleet radio by SmartDrive is all about winners.

This show focuses on the winners of the Safety-Risk Manager of the Year, the award given by Fleet Radio to the top managers in the industry in terms of safety. Before the big announcement, the “fleet geek” Graham Ledger tackled the issue of passports at US borders and why they are needed yesterday! Also, the latest on the Mexican trucks in the US issue and finally enforcing the English language rule on the American roadways---what a novel idea! And the winners are: Sam Dunbar, Director of Safety, Con-way Freight and Jon York, Fleet Operations Manager, British Gas. Both men are well deserving of the award having lead their respective companies to industry-leading safety records. Congratulations to both Sam and Jon!

What does Michael Vick---disgraced quarterback for Atlanta---have to do with transportation?

Nothing. But, it’s interesting fodder for the Fleet Geek on Fleet Radio by SmartDrive. What does a recall of Ford trucks have to do with transportation? A lot, and Graham Ledger details what vehicles are being recalled and why. Also on the program, Tim Janssen with AFLA, the Automotive Fleet Leasing Association. Tim talks about the AFLA Golf Tournament and about his new Lending website. Also on the pallet: Hands Free Driving in California.

Barry Bonds hitting home run number 756 and transportation? Where’s the link?

Well, your host, Graham Ledger, finds a way to link the two. Ledger’s key point: nothing is “more important” than cheating. The latest on the Minnesota bridge collapse. A new airline: Virgin America. Economic news…and more. GUESTS: Francisco Gomez, Manager of Safety Programs for the American Trucking Association and Susan Chandler, Executive Director of the ATA.

Coming Soon

This edition of Fleet Radio by SmartDrive goes into the trash right off the bat...

Waste Management. Tony Saprano. Trash. David Biderman checks in with Graham Ledger and Re-tread Roger, talking Waste Management and its "Safety Monday Newsletter". Also on the program, Kathy Fellenstein who is Transportation Safety Manager for Weyerhaeuser. So, Fleet Radio goes from garbage to green in a one-hour show.

The dog days of summer on Fleet Radio can not affect the show content! This program is better than ever…

The Fleet Geek’s summer transportation extravaganza is at the forefront, which include planes, trains and automobiles through New York and Washington DC. Also, the latest terrorist warning… And, the latest news from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and teenager drivers. SECOND SEGMENT GUEST: A Fleet Radio EXCLUSIVE interview with Contract Freighters Inc. CEO Herb Schmidt on the pending buyout by Con-Way Freight of CFI. The acquisition would create a company with about $5 billion in annual revenue…

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