Penske secures new contract with Detroit Diesel

Penske Logistics announced it has been awarded new business with Detroit Diesel Corporation to support the company’s engine, transmission and axle supply chain operations in Redford, MI.

Penske will provide warehousing and dedicated contract carriage services for the inbound portion of their operations, which includes sequencing and kitting operations. On the outbound logistics side, Penske will manage a NAFTA consolidation center. 

Globally, Penske Logistics also provides Detroit Diesel with international freight forwarding and other supply chain services.

“This new contract is a significant uptick in domestic business with Detroit Diesel,” stated Marc Althen, Penske Logistics president. “It represents a new chapter in our companies’ long and storied history.”

Jeff Allen, head of operations at Detroit Diesel, also said: “This partnership is just one more expansion of our historically great business relationship. We are excited to leverage that history and expand our partnership to both the supplier and customer side.” 

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