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PIT to conduct fuel efficiency tests for U.S. Xpress

PIT Group announced at the American Trucking Associations Annual Management Conference & Exhibition plans to conduct its first In-Service Fuel Testing on powertrain combinations in the U.S. According to the company, suppliers are currently being invited to participate in the evaluations for U.S. Xpress, which will take place from Nov. 7-11, 2016, at the carrier’s facility in Tunnel Hill, GA. The event will also include an Invited Carriers & Media Day.

“This is an exciting opportunity for the PIT Group to showcase our testing capabilities with a carrier that is widely known for its use of innovative technologies,” said Yves Provencher, director of the PIT Group. “The ability to add real world test findings to test track data by a group of certified unbiased engineers will help carriers make the right decisions on which solutions will have the greatest economic impact on fuel consumption.”

For the U.S. Xpress evaluations, PIT Group has identified a 60-mile test course on highways and local roads. To represent typical fleet operations, U.S. Xpress fleet and other test vehicles will pull trailers with loads of equal weight. An in-cab observer provided by PIT Group will accompany U.S. Xpress drivers operating the test vehicles. U.S. Xpress will also provide fuel, technicians and maintenance facilities for the event, including a mobile service truck if required.

“We decided to host In-Service Fuel Testing to compare the fuel efficiency of engine-drivetrain components because we believe the PIT Group is the leading expert in the field of fuel efficiency evaluation,” said Gerry Mead, sr. vice president of maintenance at U.S. Xpress. “Using a proven process and a certified and highly experienced team from PIT Group will provide solid test results on fuel economy. Like most carriers we take fuel economy seriously and we believe this test will help validate the decisions we make about our equipment.”

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