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PurePower Technologies announces 6.6L diesel turbo

South Carolina-based engineering and remanufacturing of air and fuel management component company revealed its new product.

PurePower Technologies built a 6.6L diesel turbo crafted expressly for the aftermarket.

The company provides assembly, remanufacturing and 100% end-of-line trials for high-volume, high quality turbos, ranging from light to heavy-duty engines. PurePower just invested in reman turbo production abilities and looks to further expanding its product offerings.

PurePower Technologies president and chief executive officer Jerry Sweetland explained how the company’s new diesel does just that.

“The launch of the 6.6L diesel reman turbo expands our turbo platform across new high-volume makes and models,” Sweetland said. “We will deliver only the highest quality turbos to the aftermarket by leveraging our OE heritage in single-digit PPM remanufacturing processes.”

The company currently has the capabilities to autonomously remake turbos through a modular approach for several wastegate and variable geometry turbochargers. PurePower’s precision hot gas stand testing on heavy-duty engine dynamometer cells, precision component assembly and machining abilities allow the company to meet and surpass OE requirements.

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