Heil updates 7000 automated arm

Heil Environmental has updated the 7000 automated arm to increase the lift’s durability and further extend its lifecycle

Heil Environmental has updated the 7000 automated arm to increase the lift’s durability and further extend its lifecycle. Additionally, Heil is making its renowned enclosed oil bath gearbox, which is standard on the Python automated arm, available as an option for the 7000 arm to reduce maintenance.

Heil engineers have augmented the design of the 7000 automated arm’s joint configurations by bolstering weld penetration in critical areas. Minor modifications also have been made to specific arm components to reduce stress at key locations.

“Although these enhancements are visually subtle, they make the 7000 arm significantly more robust,” says Nate Davis, Heil product manager.

Customer demand has led Heil to offer its enclosed oil bath gearbox as an option for the 7000 arm. Like many automated arms, the 7000 uses an open gear set to operate its grabbers. This gear set is exposed to the elements and needs regular maintenance. Many automated arm grabber gears and linkages last only about 500,000 cycles — less than 2 years of use — before requiring replacement. Heil’s enclosed oil bath gearbox, however, encloses the gears in a protective housing and keeps them lubricated, substantially reducing grabber gear wear and maintenance.

The 7000 automated arm is available on the Formula® 7000 automated side loader and the DuraPack® 7000 automated side loader. It is a popular lift choice for haulers who need to collect heavy 300-gallon containers in addition to standard 95-gallon carts. With a lift cycle time of eight seconds, it can serve up to 1,400 homes per day.

Retrofit kits and replacement parts are available through Parts Central, a Heil company.

For more information about the Heil 7000 automated arm, and other automated arm products, contact your local Heil representative, visit www.heil.com or call (800) 214-4345. To learn more about Parts Central, call (800) 251-7258 or visit www.partscentral.biz.

Heil Environmental, established in 1901, is the first ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer of refuse collection bodies in the United States. Heil is the industry leader in automated waste collection technology and offers the broadest product line, including front loaders, rear loaders, side loaders and recyclers. OEM and aftermarket replacement parts are available through Parts Central. Bayne Premium Lift Systems produces hydraulic lifters for refuse collection vehicles and commercial/industrial applications. Heil has manufacturing facilities in Fort Payne, Ala., Greenville, S.C., and Hillend, Scotland. Heil is part of Dover Industries, a subsidiary of Dover Corporation (NYSE: DOV).

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