Magnadyne shows wireless RF keypad transmitters for keyless entry systems

As part of its accessory lineup Magnadyne Corporation is introducing two wireless entry-system keypads

As part of its accessory lineup Magnadyne Corporation is introducing two wireless entry-system keypads. The wireless keypads, models 7950K and 7951K are available for horizontal or vertical installations and are easy to install; simply program the keypad, clean the surface, peel and stick using the included VHB (very high bond) automotive grade double-stick tape.

The keypads come preprogrammed with a permanent 5-digit activation code but can be easily changed to the user’s own secret code or P.I.N. number, and will accept up to three additional codes to accommodate other drivers. Its multiple functions include Lock/Arm, Unlock/Disarm, two additional channels for features such as trunk/hatch release, optional window roll-up or driver’s door priority unlock. The keypads’ tamper-resistant design locks out thieves when seven incorrect codes are entered. The keypad’s five buttons with its built in photo cellautomatically illuminate only at nightto conserve the unit’s 6-year battery life. Programming the keypad is simple with built-in tones confirming each programming step. The keypads are waterproof and high-pressure wash proof and tested to withstand harsh conditions. The small footprint (5 ½”L x 1 5/8”W x ½”D) blends seamlessly for a factory-installed look.

The wireless keypads are compatible with all Silencer 7900 series starter disable, remote security, and factory keyless entry upgrade systems. The 7950K and 7951K are available immediately.

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