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Purolator Freight chooses Transportation Costing Group

Purolator Freight will begin using its Less Than Truckload Cost Information System (LTL/CIS ® ) to enhance profitability and growth through more effective decision making and accurate assessments of its operation.

New Canadian less-than-truckload carrier plans to enhance growth, profitability and business operations by utilizing TCG's LTL/CIS activity-based costing solution Transportation Costing Group ® (TCG®), specialists in Profitability Management Tools® and activity-based cost analysis for the transportation industry, today announced that Toronto, Ontario-based Purolator Freight will begin using its Less Than Truckload Cost Information System (LTL/CIS ® ) to enhance profitability and growth through more effective decision making and accurate assessments of its operation.

Purolator Freight is the new less-than-truckload division of Purolator Courier Ltd., the largest courier in Canada handling 275 million packages annually to and from more than 35,000 North American destinations. The freight hauler, which offers LTL service across Canada through a separate network of dedicated facilities and vehicles, is growing quickly, partly by leveraging customer relationships through its parent company.

"The TCG system will be used in daily decision making in our organization," said Joe Guimond vice president and general manager of Purolator Freight. " Knowing our costs is critical to our success. Especially in a start up operation, activity-based costing models like those provided by TCG will be highly decisive in addressing the needs of customers, attracting new business, learning about our growing operation and enhancing our profitability."

In addition to using TCG's LTL/CIS solution, Purolator Freight will be utilizing FACTSview ä, a business intelligence module of the FACTS ä suite of software from Carrier Logistics, Purolator's enterprise management system provider. Utilizing complete and accurate information provided by TCG's Cost Information System, FACTSview gives users the ability to drill down into over a dozen metrics associated with shipments, lanes, customers, and origin and destination points.

TCG's unique ability to tie all activity-based costs to its general ledger is especially important to Purolator Freight. "Having the ability to analyze linehaul, pick-up and delivery, overhead, administrative and other costs by shipment, customer, lane, region, sales representative or any other parameter for any time period is instrumental," Guimond stated. "This level of detail allows us to quickly and effectively streamline operations and forces us to better understand our business and our customers' needs. We have tremendous confidence in the results we anticipate from LTL/CIS."

Guimond, who has used TCG systems in two previous trucking operations, also said that Purolator Freight has faith in the organization behind LTL/CIS. "TCG has proven that it is dedicated to meeting our needs," he related. "On a regular basis and in user group meetings, they have shown just how knowledgeable they are about our business and how strong a support network they have in place. TCG's practical knowledge of trucking is as good as or better than that of anyone else in the industry, something that will also help get the system up and running very quickly."

"The accuracy and high level of credibility associated with TCG's advanced activity-based costing and other software has led to its wide acceptance among leading motor carriers," said Ken Manning, president of TCG. "Our CIS solutions are currently the only systems that offer a complete, accurate and fully replicable costed traffic database that ties back to the general ledger. For Purolator Freight, the capabilities provided by integrating LTL/CIS with FACTSview will further enhance this highly effective profitability management tool. We are pleased to be able to count them as a customer."

Transportation Costing Group is the provider of the most widely used suite of Activity-Based Costing models to the motor carrier industry. TCG provides models tailored to specific carrier operations. Information on the Activity-Based Costing Models and services offered by TCG can be obtained by contacting (800) 328-9700 or [email protected]. For general product information please visit

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