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New high-capacity Roll-Rite Tarp Spool Housing improves

Roll-Rite® is introducing a new high-capacity Tarp Spool Housing, allowing the company to offer a complete front-to-rear tarping system

Tarping Systems for Chip Trailers up to 53 Feet.

Roll-Rite® is introducing a new high-capacity Tarp Spool Housing, allowing the company to offer a complete front-to-rear tarping system that solves the most common tarping problems associated with chip hauling trailers up to 53 feet in length. Chip hauling requires a tarp fabric that breathes enough and that is heavy – and wide - enough to lay flat (even on heaped loads) and truly prevent debris from escaping.

Commonly used side-flip style tarp systems are not available with the wider tarps required for heaped loads. Plus, this style of tarp system has many parts that can obstruct the loading zone and are in harms way of loading equipment. On traditional front-to-rear arm-style tarp systems, getting the heavier, bulkier tarps required for these large chip trailers to lay flat to prevent refuse from escaping has been a challenge for three reasons: 1) they are too bulky for most typical tarp rolls, 2) they’re too heavy for many tarp motors to rollup, and 3) they’re too heavy for most of the tarp pivot springs available on the market.

The Roll-Rite tarping system solves all of these problems by incorporating a new high-capacity Tarp Spool Housing, the Roll-Rite Super Duty gear motor, the Roll-Rite patented tarp arm design (with powerful 8-12 spring Under Body pivot) and tarps constructed with heavy Super Tough Mesh tarp fabric that lays flat even on heaped loads. Chip trailer users can now get a complete front-to-rear arm style tarp system for the demanding chip trailer applications, often for up to 50% less cost than available side-flip style tarp units.

The Roll-Rite high-capacity Tarp Spool Housing is attached to the trailer bulkhead, and the tarp system arms sit below the top rail, so the system provides a completely clean trailer top rail and clear loading zone. The housing is also designed to be roomy enough to hold Roll-Rite’s Pleated Tarp design, a tarp expanding up to 10 feet wide to effectively cover heaped chip loads.

Roll-Rite’s standard full tarp spool housing for general truck and trailer applications holds up to 30 feet of Super Tough Mesh. The new high-capacity Tarp Spool Housing can hold up to 57 feet of Super Tough Mesh and up to 46 feet of Pleated Super tough Mesh. Other benefits (compared to Roll-Rite’s standard tarp spool housing) include:

* Half the install time
* No gussets required
* Uses one-third of the fasteners (2/3 less holes to drill)
* Adds no vertical height to the trailer

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