SkyBitz reaches 120,000 Trailers Tracked with Latest Round of Customers

SkyBitz, the leading provider of Global Locating System (GLS) trailer tracking technology for the trucking industry, has announced the addition of seven customers that are deploying its tracking solutions

Company's Solutions Now Employed by More Than 320 Fleets

SkyBitz, the leading provider of Global Locating System (GLS) trailer tracking technology for the trucking industry, has announced the addition of seven customers that are deploying its tracking solutions. More than 320 fleets now rely on the cost-effective SkyBitz GLS technology to track in excess of 120,000 trailers.

The latest customers have each selected the SkyBitz GLS 200 with Smart Sensor Tracking, an innovative technology that automatically filters out the trailer's non-essential starts and stops and only reports actionable information determined by the customer such as load arrival and departure times.

"Our untethered asset tracking solutions offer carriers and private fleets superior reliability, coverage, battery life and ease of use," said Roni Taylor, executive vice president of SkyBitz. "By employing SkyBitz trailer tracking technology, these customers are optimizing trailer utilization, increasing revenue per mile and maximizing security."

The following companies recently chose SkyBitz over the competition:

  • Heniff Transportation Systems Inc., based in Alsip, Ill., offers seamless transportation of liquid bulk chemicals throughout the continental U.S. and Canada. The addition of SkyBitz GLS tracking to its 500-trailer fleet is an extension of the carrier's rapid growth through technology.
  • KKW Trucking Inc. specializes in providing air-ride service, high cube equipment and logistics management to shippers throughout the 11 western states. Headquartered in Pomona, Calif., KKW has particular expertise in the secure transport of furniture. The carrier is implementing SkyBitz tracking technology in more than 660 trailers.
  • Lydall Transport Ltd., based in Glen Allen, Va., provides transportation services to producers of specialized products that need expert care and handling. The addition of SkyBitz tracking to more than 200 trailers enables Lydall to provide greater control over the safety of its customers' products during transport.
  • Paramount Farming Co., the largest grower of almonds, pistachios and pomegranates in the U.S., is installing SkyBitz GLS 200 tracking in the more than 330 trailers that transport the grower's produce to end markets throughout the country. Paramount Farming is headquartered in Bakersfield, Calif.
  • Conway, S.C.-based Reaves Enterprises, a general commodities transportation provider and consultant, chose the SkyBitz GLS 200 to gain better visibility to its 70-trailer fleet.
  • Reliable Ag Transport, a full service provider of agricultural commodity hauling from the field to the processor throughout California's Central San Joaquin Valley. Based in Hanford, Calif., Reliable is installing SkyBitz tracking on more than 100 trailers as part of a commitment to investing in technology to enhance productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • RPM Transportation Inc., headquartered in Santa Fe Springs, Calif., provides a full portfolio of North American transportation services. RPM Transportation is committed to improving the company's ability to quickly and efficiently manage information, and adding SkyBitz tracking to its 120-trailer fleet is another way to achieve that goal.

About SkyBitz

SkyBitz developed the revolutionary Global Locating System (GLS) technology to give customers the ability to track un-powered assets by utilizing wireless satellite technology and centralized position calculations. The two-way GLS mobile communicator is compact, easy to install and provides multi-year battery life. More than 320 fleets currently rely on the cost-effective SkyBitz GLS technology to track more than 120,000 trailers and containers and achieve total asset visibility, improve security, lower operating costs and enhance customer service. Headquartered in Sterling, Va., SkyBitz is a privately held company financially backed by CIBC, AIG Highstar Capital, Inverness Capital Partners, Motorola Ventures and ITV, a fund of Cordova Ventures. For additional information, visit

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