Brochure Discusses 4,000-lb-Capacity Walkie

April 1, 2000
A new six-page color brochure provides general information and technical specifications for the Caterpillar lift truck 4,000-lb-capacity walkie, Model

A new six-page color brochure provides general information and technical specifications for the Caterpillar lift truck 4,000-lb-capacity walkie, Model NPP40.

The new control handle offers twist grips angled to match an operator's hand in the ergonomically neutral position for walking and riding. Operators can use the handle's twist grips, thumb grips, or outboard knobs to control direction.

Low-maintenance skid plates allow forks to enter pallets easily. Stability bars with reversible, replaceable wear pads help the loaded walkie remain balanced in sharp turns.

Options include a battery/charger pack, poly drive tires, removable load backrest extensions, various fork lengths and widths, and a cold-storage package.

For full details, contact Caterpillar Lift Trucks, 2011 W Sam Houston Pkwy North, Houston TX 77043-2421.

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PowerPulse Ends Battery Sulfation Buildup PulseTech Products Corp offers the PowerPulse battery maintenance system, which ends sulfation buildup.

Using patented technology, PowerPulse emits a pulsating DC current into the battery. This current re-energizes the crystallized sulfates and removes them from the plates. It then reintroduces them back into the battery acid as active sulfur molecules. When installed permanently, PowerPulse will also keep them from crystallizing again. With the plates clean, PowerPulse will keep the battery operating at 100% efficiency constantly.

PowerPulse can be used with an existing charging system. To learn more, phone 800-580-7554.

Pillsbury, Chiquita Assist Needy Children The Pillsbury Co donated more than 50,000 cases of its refrigerated Valentine's Day cookies to needy children nationwide recently. In addition, America's Second Harvest, the nation's largest domestic hunger-relief organization, will distribute Pillsbury's donation of thousands of cases of its OneStep refrigerated brownies to its network of food banks.

Cookies and brownies were produced at Pillsbury plants in Chanhassen MN and Lithonia GA. These treats were routed in trucks to America's Second Harvest food banks in Elmira NY, Harrisburg PA, Norfolk VA, Milwaukee WI, St Paul MN, Gary IN, Indianapolis IN, and Dallas TX.

Chiquita Brands International Inc announced it will pay for the redesign and production of on-site relief supplies for America's Second Harvest. Money from Chiquita will be used to purchase logo and identity wear such as hats, T-shirts, raingear and cold-weather jackets. Two-way radios, flashlights, and first-aid kits will be purchased along with identity supply items such as disposable signage. Chiquita is also financing a brochure that describes America's Second Harvest's role in disaster response and provides contact information for use after disasters. Chooses Mark VII as Supplier has selected Mark VII Transportation Co Inc as its single-source transportation and logistics supplier. A start-up company, has an online meat exchange that draws upon business-to-business e-commerce models to improve meat trade in the United States and abroad. The firm's mission is to bring more buyers and sellers together than is possible by traditional trading means, and it is prepared to spend more than $50 million on the venture.

ThermoWorks Has New Version of Thermapen ThermoWorks Inc announces a new version of its professional Thermapen pocket thermometer.

The needle-tip probe features a reduced diameter at the insertion end with a larger diameter shaft. This tip also lets internal temperatures be taken of small samples; reasonable accuracy can be achieved in about 1/8" immersion depth. The thermocouple sensor technology is the same as found in larger handheld meters but packaged into a pocket-size housing. The probe folds into the meter for safe transport or storage, and it can be rotated for use at a convenient angle. When the probe is folded in, the Thermapen shuts off. If left open, an auto-shut-off feature will preserve the battery. LCD digits are 1/2" high.

For complete details, contact ThermoWorks, 221 S Country Manor Lane, Alpine UT 84004-1787.

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DiodeLite LED Marker Lamp from Dialight Dialight Corp offers a thin marker lamp for narrow-rail applications such as mounting above rear trailer doors. Measuring 0.656" wide, the DiodeLite 19 Series LED marker lamp facilitates compliance with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's recent interpretation of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 108.

The DiodeLite 19 Series features a sealed polycarbonate assembly, 6" integral 18 AWG wire leads with 0.180" male bullets, and limited lifetime warranty. For further information, contact Dialight, 1913 Atlantic Ave, Manasquan NJ 08736.

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Lookout Safety System Acts Like Detection "Sixth Sense" Safety Enterprises offers the Lookout, a safety aid for commercial vehicle drivers that acts like a "sixth sense" in locating people and objects in their "blind spots." Audio and visual cues from ultrasonic sensors in Lookout immediately heighten a driver's awareness, triggering use of his or her senses and driving skills to maneuver a vehicle safely.

Intended for tractor-trailers, solid-body trucks, and vans, Lookout has an LED display inside the bus or truck cab that lets the driver know how close he or she is to an object within Lookout's ultrasonic beam sensor when backing the truck (anywhere from 1.0 to 9.9 feet, with a flashing 0.0 within 1.0 feet). Sensors used for blind-spot detection perceive objects in the beam of the sensor up to a distance of eight feet from it. The system also has an internal security alarm feature that can be activated to alert the driver if something or someone is near the truck when it is not moving.

Lookout is adaptable to different size trucks and trailers. For more information, contact Safety Enterprises, 141 Prosperous Place, Lexington KY 40509.

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Eaton Fuller Adds Two Transmissions to Line The Truck Components Operations of Eaton Corp has added two new Eaton Fuller transmissions to its Roadranger System of drivetrain components. The first, a new 13-speed RTLO-20913A with a torque rating of 2,050 ft-lb, is under production. The second, with production scheduled to begin in January 2000, is a new 18-speed RTLO-22918B with 2,250 ft-lb of torque. Both transmissions are additions to Eaton's low-inertia line of heavy-duty manual transmissions.

The new transmissions have advanced lubrication systems that feature a lubricant filter to provide cleaner oil directly to gears and bearings. Filters, good for the life of the lube, are located on the transmissions. Other new features include:

* An internal output shaft seal system engineered to improve seal life and eliminate seal damage during yoke removal.

* A 54-tooth involute spline, 2.75-inch output shaft that accommodates higher engine torque.

* A spool-type air splitter valve system.

* A dual-supported range shift bar.

Ratio coverage of the RTLO-20913A offers a 16.9-to-1 overall reduction. Overdrive ratios are 0.73 and 0.86.

Ratio coverage of the RTLO-22918A offers a 19.7-to-1 overall reduction, with overdrive ratios of 0.73 and 0.86.

For more information, contact Eaton, PO Box 4013, Kalamazoo MI 49003.

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Flexible Products Improves Froth-Pak Kit Flexible Products Co has developed an improved Froth-Pak kit. Froth-Pak is a two-component spray, quick-cure polyurethane foam used in insulation and air sealing applications.

The Froth-Pak box has been redesigned with the end-user in mind. It offers several new enhancements including a temperature indicator, waxed box trays for use in wet and/or humid conditions, strengthened cardboard box for repeated applications, perforated gun rest holder, and larger, clearly marked hose holes. Kits now come equipped with the patented Anti-Crossover nozzle that eliminates chemical crossover problems.

Froth-Pak comes in various sizes from portable kits to refillable tanks and has a selection of specialized nozzles from caulking to fan/spray. For full details, contact Flexible Products, 1881 W Oak Parkway, Marietta GA 30062.

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USMA Merges with DAC Services to Form TISI Two pre-employment screening companies, United States Mutual Association and DAC Services, are merging to form a pre-employment screening company focused on specific vertical markets, Total Information Services Inc.

Founded in 1996, USMA has nine regional sales and service centers serving more than 100 retailers and distribution service centers. The USMA database includes more than 700,000 proprietary records of either theft incidents or dishonest employee incidents. DAC, founded in 1981, has a proprietary database of more than 3 million employment history records and a range of public record information serving more than 7,000 trucking companies nationwide.

Besides USMA and DAC, Total Information Services will focus on building specific vertical market pre-employment screening services for the gaming, healthcare, banking, aviation, staffing, and technology markets. Through its subsidiary company, Record Search Inc, TISI will serve the pre-employment screening market, provide a criminal record search capability via CrimeSearch Inc, and offer a drug test compliance program through STA United.

Somerset Selects XATA Onboard System Somerset Food Service Inc has chosen XATA Corp to provide the onboard computers and other key hardware and software components for its fleet management system. Somerset is a member of UniPro Foodservice, a broadline and systems cooperative distribution group. With facilities in Somerset KY, the company's 23-truck fleet delivers grocery items to market segments including hospitals, prisons, and schools.

Executives to Stump for Sixth-Axle Legislation Executives from trucking companies and industries ranging from agriculture to steel will travel April 4, 2000, to Washington DC to promote gains in safety and productivity that will be achieved by allowing increased weight limits and adding a sixth axle to trailers.

Sponsored by Americans for Safe and Efficient Transportation (ASET), the one-day "fly-in" will bring business leaders to Capitol Hill to advocate passage of H R 1667. This legislation will give states the option to adopt a truck weight threshold up to 97,000 pounds, from the current 80,000, on their Interstate highways if the single trailer is equipped with a sixth axle for better braking and load handling capabilities.

The US Department of Transportation estimates that allowing six-axle semitrailers to carry more cargo (up to 97,000 pounds) can reduce vehicle miles traveled and that doing so will save billions in shipping costs annually. Legislation provides states the opportunity to increase the weight threshold but does not mandate any state to do so.

The Capitol Hill meeting begins at 11 am in Room HC-6 of the Capitol Building. Scheduled speakers include:

* Reps Collin Peterson (D-MN) and Merrill Cook (R-UT), original sponsors of H R 1667.

* Dick Riederer, president and chief executive officer, Weirton Steel.

* John Smith, president, CRST International.

* Dan Hammond, National Cattlemen's Beef Association.

* Martin Labbe, transportation information consultant, Martin Labbe Associates.

* Jim March, team leader for Truck Size & Weight Study, Federal Highway Administration.

For more information about the program or to register, phone Jake Jacoby of ASET at 703-549-9467.

Morgan Corp Provides New Parts Kits New parts kits from Morgan Corp Parts and Service Division make it easier for orders to be placed. Rather than ordering one part at a time for repairs or field modification to Morgan truck bodies, now truck parts buyers can get everything they need to do the job, including instructions, by using only one part number. For example, a Morgan walk ramp kit contains the walk ramp, slide tracks, closure plate, ramp carrier, and anti-vibration springs. It also includes instructions and all necessary hardware.

Morgan also offers parts kits for corner cap repairs. Later in 2000, more parts will be included in the parts kit program, such as insulation kits for minor repairs on refrigerated trucks, U-bolt kits, and side door kits.

For more details, contact Morgan, PO Box 588, One Morgan Way, Morgantown PA 19543.

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Rite-Hite Provides GuardRite Railing System Rite-Hite Aftermarket Corp's new GuardRite protective railing system is constructed from high-tensile 12-gauge steel, and is available in a single rail, 17" high; or a double-rail system, 43" high. The GuardRite system can withstand impact of a fork truck traveling up to 3-4 mph. All protective railing edges are covered with vinyl stripping, and mounting post tops are covered with end caps.

GuardRite rails and mounting posts are painted safety yellow and include ultraviolet radiation inhibitors to allow installation outdoors. Installation consists of bolting together GuardRite components and anchor-bolting mounting posts to the floor.

For more information, contact Rite-Hite, 8900 N Arbon Dr, Milwaukee WI 53223.

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Prime Inc Adds Bulk Tanker Division Prime Inc, a leading refrigerated and flatbed trucking company based in Springfield MO, has taken its first step into tank truck operations by establishing a bulk tanker division. The carrier has ordered 10 tank trailers and has options on another 40.

The move comes at the request of customers, according to Kirk Erickson, who has been selected to lead the venture. The bulk business will be added to Prime Inc's other operations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

The bulk tanker division should be operational by mid-March and will concentrate on liquid edibles. Cargoes are expected to include juices, beverage alcohol, and vegetable oil.

Drivers will be drawn from the other Prime Inc operations. Erickson says a significant number of drivers already had tank experience when they joined Prime Inc.

The DOT407 tank trailers are being manufactured by Walker Stainless Equipment and have a 6,800-gallon capacity. They are insulated and have in-transit heat. Equipment includes Girard pressure-relief vents, Ibex stainless steel pumps, and hydraulic drive systems with Drum Hydrapaks.

Castrol, VehiCare Team Up Castrol Heavy Duty Lubricants Inc, a supplier of heavy-duty lubricants, and VehiCare Corp, an on-site maintenance provider, have announced a new partnership that will provide more than 1,000 consumers with maintenance service and products.

In the partnership, VehiCare has agreed to use Castrol Heavy Duty's oils, greases, and other products exclusively during its on-site maintenance services, inspections, and repairs.

Packaging System Can be Reused 100 Times Contour Packaging International has developed a packaging system that can be machine-washed and then reused up to 100 times to protect against damage to goods in transit. The system uses a non-woven material made of high-density polyethylene.

The company says the packaging material filters out 98% of dust particles as small as 2 m to minimize scratches and stains from dirt, dust, and environmental debris. It resists tears, punctures, and abrasions and can be used shortly after the final painting of the automotive component as off-gassing vapors pass through the material and prevent ghosting.

For more details, contact Contour, Iver Lane, Cowley, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB8 2JF, United Kingdom.

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Thermo King SB-III G Aims for Grocery Market Fresh-produce haulers now have a Thermo King trailer refrigeration unit built for them: the new Thermo King SB-III G. Based on Thermo King's SB-III design, the SB-III G features a directional air delivery system.

The SB-III G is equipped with a lightweight, quiet-running TK482 direct-injection diesel engine and X426 compressor. This unit also has a single-switch TG-VI controller. Chlorine-free R-404A refrigerant is standard.

Optional features include Cycle-Sentry and remote indicator lights. For additional information, contact Thermo King, 314 W 90th St, Minneapolis MN 55420.

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New Ultra Rod Combines Strength, Light Weight Hendrickson has produced the Ultra Rod, a torque rod developed through finite element analysis. This ensures that the new design, although lighter and more compact, would withstand applications up to 52,000 pounds.

The entire rod is made of a single forging that incorporates shaft and rod end. Ultra Rods have bonded bushings formed by a covalent chemical bonding process that causes rubber and metal molecules to interlink. This creates a bond that is stronger than the rubber itself.

The Ultra Rod has the same shaft diameter as other Hendrickson torque rods. Therefore, existing torque rod inventories can be used with new Ultra Rods.

The bonded bushing does not have an outer metal collar to press in or out, so rebushing is simple and requires no special tools. Hendrickson will continue to supply conventional bushings to service existing torque rods.

Ultra Rods are available in fixed lengths and two-piece configurations. For more information, contact Hendrickson, 800 S Frontage Rd, Woodridge IL 60517-4904.

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Hubodometer Monitors Fleet Maintenance Chicago Rawhide introduces the CR Hubodometer, a method for fleets to calculate true cost per mile. It is also a foolproof method for tracking scheduled maintenance and safety inspections. Fleet maintenance managers can use the hubodometer to document distance-related warranties on tires, batteries, brakes, and other components.

The CR Hubodometer is completely mechanical, with no wiring or complicated programming required. A range of gear ratios matches virtually any tire specifications. The instrument counts upward in forward or reverse and can be mounted on the left or right side of the vehicle. This gas-sealed unit is airtight, waterproof, and tamperproof. The hubodometer can handle a temperature range of -40 degrees to 180 degrees F.

Each hubodometer is individually serial-numbered for ease of tracking. It uses a standard 1/2"-20 mounting stud. CR offers a range of hubodometer mounting brackets and accessories, and backs the instrument with a four-year unlimited distance warranty. For more details, contact CR, 735 Tollgate Rd, Elgin IL 60123-9332.

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BioPuck Uses Bacteria To Treat Oily Washwater Landa Water Cleaning Systems has introduced a new bioremediation product that uses bacteria to reduce oil and other hydrocarbons in washwater collection pits naturally.

Called the BioPuck HC (HC stands for hydrocarbon), the small, puck-shaped package is a slow-release tablet of oil-consuming bacteria. Each puck can, in most applications, treat 1,000 gallons of oily water for an entire month.

The puck is dropped into the collection pit like a pill and immediately begins to metabolize hydrocarbons, converting them to the harmless by-products of carbon dioxide and water.

The BioPuck comes in boxes of 20 pucks, consists of a special blend of nonpathogenic and nontoxic bacteria, and can be used in most washing operations, particularly where oil and grease are being washed from equipment and vehicles.

For more information, contact Landa, 4275 NW Pacific Rim Blvd, Camas WA 98607.

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BNSF, Wabash National Provide Incentives The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Co and Wabash National Corp are offering incentives to shippers that purchase 53-ft Wabash ReeferRailer trailers and put them into intermodal service with BNSF.

Under the program, customers acquiring new ReeferRailers for use on BNSF will receive special pricing on the purchase of new trailers. BNSF also is offering cash rebates ranging from $100 to $150 each time the ReeferRailer is moved by BNSF for 36 months after delivery.

BNSF has operated dedicated RoadRailer trains on its system since 1997, and has used ReeferRailer technology in its weekly Ice Cold Express intermodal service between Southern California and Chicago since June 1999.

Lykes Lines Launches US-Africa Service Lykes Lines has launched an independent service involving the United States (Gulf of Mexico and East Coast), Mexico, western Africa, South Africa, and Brazil. The service also offers transhipment links to eastern Africa via South Africa.

This new, twice-monthly service, will operate with four newly chartered ships, the Lykes Striker, Lykes Victor, Lykes Flyer, and Lykes Leader. They are all Neptune 900 class multipurpose ships, 930 TEU, 20,870 cbm, with 45 reefer connections.

The service began March 2, 2000, with the first southbound sailing from Baltimore MD by the Lykes Striker. The first northbound sailing was March 7, when the Lykes Victor departed Cape Town, South Africa.

The US-Africa service replaces the two services Lykes Lines previously operated in conjunction with Safmarine and MSC. Port rotation is: Cape Town, Durban, Salvador, Veracruz, Houston TX, New Orleans LA, Mobile AL, Savannah, Baltimore, Abidjan, Cape Town.

GPS Pilot Demo Project Deadline Extended The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is extending the deadline for motor carriers to submit applications to participate in the agency's Global Positioning System (GPS) technology pilot demonstration project.

This project allows qualified motor carriers that use GPS technology and related safety management computer systems to enter into an agreement with the FMCSA to use such systems to record and monitor drivers' hours-of-service, in lieu of requiring them to prepare handwritten records of duty status. The project is intended to demonstrate that the motor carrier industry can use this technology to improve compliance with hours-of-service requirements in a manner that promotes safety and operational efficiency while reducing paperwork.

Applications must be received on or before Dec 29, 2000. Written applications should be mailed to: GPS Technology Pilot Demonstration Project, Office of Bus and Truck Standards and Operations, FMCSA, 400 Seventh St SW, Washington DC 20590.

For further information, phone 202-366-4009 or 202-366-1354.

Ruan Names Peterson as Lighting Supplier Peterson Mfg Co has been chosen by Ruan Transportation Management Systems as provider of OE safety lighting systems for Ruan's nationwide trailer fleet. The move is part of Ruan's ongoing initiative to form Mega Spec relationships with preferred suppliers.

Peterson has developed a Mega Spec lighting package offering several advantages. The package features Piranha LED lights linked to a wiring harness from Peterson's Maxi-Seal division. The Uni-Wire split harness system extends system life by eliminating most failure-prone connections.

Mini Shock Monitors Transport Conditions Mini Shock, an electronic impact recorder produced by the French company Sensorex, provides a method of monitoring transport conditions for high-value and fragile cargo. Measuring, dating, and memorizing the 128 largest shocks over the x, y, and z axes during a journey, it allows for quality control along the entire logistics chain, analyzing transport, transit, and storage conditions.

The unit is programmable, and the information recorded can be downloaded to a PC through the built-in IRS 232 port, using Windows-compatible Logishock software. Temperature, humidity, and external events such as opening and closing of doors also can be recorded.

Measuring 140 mm x 100 mm x 44 mm (5.5" x 3.9" x 1.7"), the Mini Shock is powered by a standard 1.5-volt lithium battery and can operate for six months in operational mode, with a three-year lifetime in standby mode. For more information, contact Sensorex, Parc d'Affaires Internationales Archamps, 74166 Saint Julien en Genevois, France.

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Goodyear Unveils Wingfoot APR Rib Tire The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co is introducing the Wingfoot APR, an all-position rib tire for medium commercial trucks. For highway service, the Wingfoot APR performs well in either steer or trail positions. This tire also provides greater durability and more even wear in applications that expose it to significant side scrubbing, such as spread axle trailers, triple-axle trailers, and local delivery service.

The Wingfoot APR has a five-rib design with a tread depth of 16/32'. Its steel casing and belt package enhance durability and retreadability.

This tire will be offered as the original equipment successor to both the G132 and G114. It is currently available in 295/75R22.5. Three other sizes-285/75R24.5, 11R22.5, and 11R24.5-will be available by the second quarter of 2000. All of the tires are designed for load range G. For more details, contact Goodyear, 1144 E Market St, Akron OH 44316-0001.

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EMA: Air Toxics Study Needs Revisions The Engine Manufacturers Association (EMA) insists major revisions are needed to improve the accuracy and usefulness of the Multiple Air Toxics Exposure Study (MATES II) before its final release by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD).

"Our main concern is that the public will be misled," said Glenn Keller, EMA executive director. "The methods used in the draft MATES II report incorrectly estimate cancer risks and describe them as 'average risks' to the public. That's simply not true."

Scientific researchers have identified significant uncertainties and errors in the way South Coast staff determined health risks associated with toxic air contaminants in the report. "The MATES II report inaccurately estimates ambient levels of diesel particulates, since the calculation is based on outdated and incomplete data from the early '80s," said Keller. "In addition, the unit risk factor (URF) for diesel particulate that drives the results of the study is an invalid measure of the potency of diesel particulate. What's more, risk levels reported as 'average' in the report are based on hypothetical, maximum-predicted, outdoor exposure concentrations and not real-life exposure levels."

EMA advocates major revisions to the MATES II report before its official release, including using up-to-date data on the role of diesel particulates, realistic exposure estimates, and inclusion of an analysis of uncertainties inherent in the results.

EPA Begins Voluntary Diesel Retrofit Program The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced a new voluntary initiative called the Diesel Retrofit Program to clean up older diesel engines in trucks, buses, and construction equipment. EPA's initial goal is to get commitments from owners by year-end to retrofit 10,000 older heavy-duty diesel engines over the next two years.

EPA anticipates that these commitments will come from state and local governments, fleet operators, and industry groups that can use available technology and other methods to reduce pollution from these engines. Retrofitting 10,000 engines would eliminate roughly 15,000 tons of pollution each year. The agency hopes to work with other federal agencies, state governments, environmental groups, and industries to encourage retrofitting of older diesel engines.

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