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July 1, 2007
This showcase spotlights some of the latest cargo security systems that have applications for the controlled-temperature distribution industry. Included

This showcase spotlights some of the latest cargo security systems that have applications for the controlled-temperature distribution industry. Included is a system to deter trailer cargo theft, as well as one that protects containers moving through ports of entry; seals that can detect shipment tampering; and enhanced features for monitoring trailers and other mobile assets while they are in transit.

SnatchLatch foils trailer break-in attempts

Contractor Jerre Santini is offering a new patented trailer security device called SnatchLatch. Constructed of 10-gauge steel, the patented SnatchLatch easily installs over a trailer door's existing handle and lock mechanism, making it virtually impossible to break into using bolt cutters and drills.

“I was sick of worrying about my tools every time I left a job site. You hear about trailer break-ins all the time, so I knew I wasn't the only person who was looking for something to make my expensive equipment more secure in a trailer,” said Santini. From that inspiration the SnatchLatch was born.

This product gives landscapers, homebuilders, musicians, and others peace of mind knowing they've protected their trailer's contents.

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Stoffel, Universeal join forces for security

Stoffel Seals and Universeal have teamed up to provide a more secure offering to the North American transportation industry. In this new partnership, Stoffel will be the exclusive representative and distributor of Universeal products throughout North America.

Universeal's line of Security and High-Security bolt and cable seals provide barrier level protection and tamper-evidence. As required by ISO/PAS 17712 (International Standard for Mechanical Freight Seals), Universeal's bolt and cable seals have been tested by properly accredited ISO/17025 laboratories, and all of the seals meet or exceed the requirements of C-TPAT and FAST seal programs.

Stoffel produces a range of light-duty tamper-evident seals that enable shippers and suppliers secure shipments down to case, box, and even item level. Its line of indicative seals is suitable for securing domestic shipments and shipments between closed-loop distribution points.

Each ISO-compliant shipment will be delivered with certified tests results from an ISO 17025 testing lab and joint certification of compliance from Stoffel and Universeal. E-mail Ralph Mallozzi at [email protected] for more information.

System at Florida port guards containers

GE Security Inc announced the deployment of the CommerceGuard container security system at the Port Everglades Terminal in Florida's Port Everglades. The port handles more than 864,000 TEU (20-foot equivalent container units) and about a half million containers annually.

CommerceGuard now monitors container security device (CSD)-equipped containers at Port Everglades Terminal. The system can detect and report intrusion into a container to help ensure the safety of cargo as it travels from point-of-origin to final destination. It does this by integrating CSDs and a global information network.

The CommerceGuard CSD is mounted inside a container as it is being loaded for shipment to monitor for and report on potential en route tampering or damage. While in transit, CSDs communicate securely with fixed and handheld readers. Readers then forward encrypted security and tracking information wirelessly to the global CommerceGuard Information Network, where authorities access it via the Internet. Automated warnings are also routed to appropriate authorities when warranted.

SkyBitz improves trailer tracking systems

SkyBitz, provider of Global Locating System (GLS) trailer tracking technology for the trucking industry, has added three enhancements to its systems portfolio. These new features are designed to heighten security and increase operational efficiencies for carriers of all sizes.

  • Event Notification adds an extra layer of security and accountability to the SkyBitz real-time asset monitoring capabilities by instantly triggering an e-mail alert when it detects a situation that needs attention. Users can program alerts for when a trailer door is opened, when cargo has been added to or removed from a trailer, or when a trailer has been idle for a specified period of time. Fleets can also use the system to alert a customer that a trailer has been sitting for more than its contracted time and detention billing is beginning.

  • RouteFence, used in conjunction with Event Notification, increases security by sending instant e-mail alerts when a trailer deviates from its defined route. RouteFence lets the user draw a route and set the boundaries by specifying a series of points and then monitor where the trailer is along that route at any given time.

  • Polygonal Landmark enables users to create irregularly shaped boundaries with up to 20 points to more precisely define a landmark and pinpoint the location of their trailers. This feature can also be used in tandem with Event Notification to trigger alerts on pre-defined events within the “landmark.”

E-mail Roni Taylor at [email protected] for further details.

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