SelecTrucks introduces factory-modified Century daycab

May 1, 2002
FREIGHTLINER'S used truck division has introduced a factory-reconfigured daycab version of its Century Class highway tractor. Available exclusively at

FREIGHTLINER'S used truck division has introduced a factory-reconfigured daycab version of its Century Class highway tractor. Available exclusively at SelecTrucks Centers and Freightliner dealer locations, this modified truck provides a new product choice for used truck buyers. The new product was shown at the Mid-America Trucking Show.

This is a used daycab truck that has been reconfigured from a highway tractor, says Bill Gordon, head of Freightliner's SelecTrucks network. “It meets Freightliner's engineering and performance standards and offers an excellent value when compared to a new truck,” he says. “Customers purchasing this product also benefit from the technological advances built into the Century Class.”

The factory-reconfigured Century Class daycab is different from a typical daycab in that it has a mid-height roof and an extended cabin. “Working with our design and engineering groups, we found that we could add vehicle attributes as part of the reconfiguration process,” Gordon says. “The end product has features that we think are attractive to both the company owning the equipment and the driver operating it.”

The roof has been raised almost nine inches over a typical daycab height. The additional headroom allows for an overhead console just like a Freightliner Century with its sleeper. This storage area is lit with the combination interior lighting package of door, reading, and night-red dome-light assemblies from the Century.

The cab is about ten inches longer than a typical cab with 9.5 inches of additional space behind the seats. This allows for storing tools, personal belongings, and other equipment. There also is more seat travel, giving the driver up to two inches more belly room and allowing the seat to be reclined farther. A large 20" by 36" tinted rear window is installed in the rear panel.

Reconfigured trucks are produced at a Freightliner factory in Tooele, Utah. The 65,000-sq-ft facility has a complete assembly line for cab reconfiguration, cab and chassis paint, component replacement, front end alignment, interior fitting, pressure washing, steam cleaning, inspection, road test, and final inspection. Tooele technicians remove all existing side and roof skins from Century Class tractors. Using assembly line technology, a new mid-height roof is installed, and the original back panel from the sleeper is reused. The new rear window is fitted, and new interior panels and floor coverings for the additional cab section areas are installed.

Every reconfigured daycab undergoes a 150-point inspection process, including a road test. All the power train fluids and filters are changed, the chassis is lubricated, and the truck is federal-DOT certified.

“Ever since integrated sleepers became so prevalent, it has become increasingly difficult to find quality daycabs in the used market,” Gordon says. “Freightliner's factory reconfigured daycab offers an alternative for used truck buyers.”

This is Freightliner's first factory-reconfigured Century Class truck. Tooele facility continues to convert Freightliner FLD 120 tractors into FLD daycabs.

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