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May 1, 2007
THERMO KING has added a new trailer unit, cargo heater kit, battery, power pack, and financing solutions to its products offerings, in addition to options

THERMO KING has added a new trailer unit, cargo heater kit, battery, power pack, and financing solutions to its products offerings, in addition to options for complying with California's emissions regulations

Its new Spectrum SB Multi-Temperature System with SmartReefer2 controller for trailers has been designed with high airflow and large capacity. It achieves temperature balance in up to three different zones with various configurations.

Remote evaporators make each temperature zone act like an individual trailer. Cool, moist air circulates throughout the entire cargo area, helping to keep product dehydration to a minimum.

The SmartReefer2 controller has an enlarged display screen for easy viewing of cargo temperature, system setpoint value, clear text messages, and codes. All temperature zones are viewed simultaneously.

The Spectrum SB has Thermo King's Smart Set that offers precise temperature control and reduced fuel consumption in all operating ranges.

It also comes with an extended maintenance interval and a special 12,000-hour coolant and high grade mineral oil to help extend service and engine life. Maintenance costs are reported to be reduced by up to 45 percent over competitive models.

Optional rear remote control and electronic door switches are available. The hybrid Model 50 units offer electric-to-diesel-switching as standard.

All Spectrum SBs come standard with Whisper quiet technology and feature biodiesel compatible engines.

Cargo heater kit

The new E-28 Cargo Heater Kit protects perishables from cold temperatures without using engine heat, saving fuel and engine wear. The E-28 features high volume heat output with high airflow for even heat distribution, electronically-controlled temperature regulation, and a corrosion-resistant painted aluminum enclosure.

The kit includes an Espar D8 fuel-fired heater, weatherproof thermostat enclosure, wiring to the truck electrical system, and fuel pump with hoses.


Thermo King's new EON dry cell battery increases efficiency, lowers life cycle cost, and lasts five times longer than wet cell batteries. It uses Absorbed Glass Mat technology to provide the characteristics of two separate batteries: deep cycling and enormous cranking power.

The EON's five-second cranking power is double to triple that of equally sized conventional batteries, even at extremely low temperatures. It has a rated operating temperature of up to 180°F, features a 200-minute reserve capacity and comes with a full-replacement four-year warranty.

Powered by the EON battery, Thermo King's EON Power Pack provides economical and easy-to-install auxiliary power for operating truck lights, helping to avoid dead truck batteries caused by running lights. The pack has a low-voltage disconnect to maximize battery life, weatherproof switch with integrated 45-minute timer, and a charging circuit to connect the system to reefer or truck alternator.

Emissions options

Thermo King is offering options for complying with the California Air Resources Board's (CARB) Airborne Toxic Control Measure regulations for transport refrigeration units (TRU) operating in California. These options include:

  • A diesel particulate filter (DPF) that offers a 50 percent reduction in emissions with no scheduled maintenance. The catalyzed knitted wire mesh flow-through filter comes in a kit that includes a backpressure control system with a warning indicator, exhaust system insulation package, and a control box for use on select Isuzu diesel engines 2001 and older.

  • Engine retrofit kits to get a diesel engine EPA Tier II-emissions compliant and achieve CARB compliance as well.

Thermo King offers several ways to replace older units with CARB-compliant units, including trade-ins, lease options, and financing.

CARB compliance will be required by December 31, 2008, for 2001 and older year TRUs. At that time, TRU and TRU genset engines that operate in California must meet in-use performance standards.


Thermo King and Ingersoll Rand Financial Services (IRFS) have teamed up to offer an array of flexible financing solutions on the TriPac Hybrid Auxiliary Idle Reduction and Temperature Management System (or APU).

Thermo King says the fuel savings achieved by running the TriPac systems offset the monthly finance payments, creating positive cash flow from the time the unit is installed.

IRFS can finance the complete package, including equipment, installation, and extended warranty and maintenance.

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