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RLS Logistics plans open house for cold storage facility

Oct. 30, 2018
Attend an open house November 1 for RLS Logistics' advanced cold storage facility in Delanco NJ.

RLS Logistics, a Newfield NJ-based privately held, family-run third-party logistics company specializing in temperature-controlled logistics, is holding an open house November 1 from 10 am to 1 pm Eastern for its advanced cold storage facility in Delanco NJ.

The Delanco facility’s 2.2 million cubic feet of high-tech, high-efficiency storage is positioned to capitalize on growth in the region.

“It gets us closer to the Philadelphia port where a lot is happening, and it also puts us a little closer to the busy New Jersey ports,” said John Gaudet, vice president of business development, RLS Logistics.

This is phase one of a four-phase project that will grow to 8.5 million cubic feet and accommodate 35,000 pallet positions over the next several years. The first installment will showcase some of the most advanced technologies and practices in cold storage today.

The facility is the first to employ a transcritical CO2 refrigeration system, thus eliminating the need for environmentally unfriendly HFC refrigerants or dangerous, heavily regulated ammonia-based systems, according to Tony Leo, CEO and president, RLS Logistics Warehousing Group.

Facility costs will be further reduced by a European-inspired mobile racking system in which pallets can be stacked high on racks that move on tracks. The racks can be compressed together without aisles to save warehouse space and when a pallet needs to be deposited or retrieved, the motorized racks move to create an aisle.

To accommodate the system, the warehouse has 54-foot-high ceilings in contrast to most warehouses’ 34-foot ceilings—a feature which also makes the facility easier to cool, and hence more energy-efficient, Leo says.

These design efficiencies are supported by a solar farm next door that will power the entire facility with energy left over to feed back into the grid.

RLS will also create close to 100 jobs when all four phases of the facility are completed—and potentially thousands more indirectly from manufacturers that locate adjacent to the complex in order to take advantage of RLS’s transportation services and cold storage.

To attend the open house, RSVP to Dawn O’Hagen at either 609-213-8425 or [email protected].

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