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nuVizz collects Food Shippers technology honor

Aug. 3, 2023
Atlanta-based company lands on association’s 2023 Top Food Chain Technology list for its food logistics software that’s helping optimize cold chain movements and FSMA compliance.

The Food Shippers of America recently added SaaS company nuVizz to its 2023 Top Food Chain Technology list, which recognizes standout technologies in food transportation, logistics, distribution, and supply chain management.

The award underscores nuVizz’s “excellence in food logistics software, providing real-time tracking of perishable food products, allowing cold chain customers to ensure delivery optimization, and compliance with FSMA food guidelines,” according to the Atlanta-based transportation technology firm founded in 2011.

nuVizz’s real-time visibility and quality assurance controls have improved asset utilization by 30-35% for its food chain customers, the company added.

“When it comes to the delivery of perishable food, there’s another added layer of complexity in the process where food shippers need to see the temperature of their vans, check on safety controls, and know exactly where their product is in the chain of custody at all times,” Gururaj Rao, nuVizz CEO, said in a news release. “By integrating all cold chain stakeholders in one place, not only are food shippers gaining that visibility, but they’re also able to scale their business more quickly because the platform grows with them as they grow.”

With the flexibility of nuVizz’s software, which also landed on the Food Shippers of America’s 2022 technology list, food shippers can connect multiple fleet and delivery partners and a variety of end customers, including wholesale, retail, and restaurants, within the nuVizz ecosystem. GS1 barcode scanning at both pickup and delivery provides real-time tracking of perishable items, ensuring accurate chain of custody throughout the delivery process and allowing quick responses to any potential food recalls.

nuVizz also creates customized workflows to optimize the loading and unloading of vehicles by temperature zones, capturing temperature and safety metrics of food items at both pickup and delivery.

“Inclusion in the FSA 2023 Top Food Chain Technology list bears testament to the years we’ve spent building a true network-based delivery orchestration platform,” Rao added. “With real-time visibility, our customers can overcome any inefficiencies and uncertainty up and down the chain. This proves especially valuable for those working in the cold chain where temperature control and ETA accuracy are non-negotiable.”

This year’s Top Food Chain Technology list highlights 24 companies, including Emerson, FourKites, PLM Fleet, and project44.

“Technology has become the backbone of the food supply chain,” said Brian Everett, Food Shippers of America publisher and advisor. “Technology platforms, applications and innovators have emerged in the food and beverage market to help bring more efficiency, productivity, and transparency to the food chain. This recognition program highlights technology leaders that are readily available to food shippers in helping them to accomplish their supply chain business goals.”

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