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Agro-Jal Farms deploys Noribachi LED lighting

May 21, 2012
Noribachi recently saw its ultra-efficient, cold-temperature-compatible LED fixtures successfully installed by Mark Pereira of CIM Electric at Agro-Jal Farms’ new cold storage warehouse.

Noribachi, a smart energy LED and solar lighting company, recently saw its ultra-efficient, cold-temperature-compatible LED fixtures successfully installed by Mark Pereira of CIM Electric at Agro-Jal Farms' new cold storage warehouse.

Agro-Jal, one of the largest farming and cooling operations in California's Central Coast region, has consistently been ahead of the curve with energy efficiency and cooling technology. It has been the exclusive berry provider for the Kentucky Derby horserace for many years. Agro-Jal's cold storage facilities service not only their own produce, but also help other regional farms cool and process their products.

Agro-Jal's new cooler takes advantage of technologies including ammonia-cooled wind tunnels, an ice packing machine originally conceived to make ice for zoo penguins, and the new Noribachi LED fixtures. Combined, these save the facility significant amounts on monthly cooling and lighting energy costs.

Noribachi's HIGHBAY.M fixtures deliver a bright, natural white light that allows fruit and vegetable inspectors to determine ripeness without taking a trip outside, an inconvenience the previous HID lighting had necessitated with its yellow tinge. Noribachi LED lighting is also completely unaffected by the 34 degree F environment, whereas traditional lighting suffers lifetime shortages and turn-on delays.

The HIGHBAY.M fixtures provide so much clean light that in one room Agro-Jal director Eric Gamble was able to scale back from 25 fluorescent fixtures to just seven LED fixtures while achieving superior light output. This not only made the Noribachi system as cost-competitive as fluorescents, but kept toxic fluorescent bulbs away from food products.

"It's only a matter of time before the FDA says we can't have fluorescents anywhere close to food due to their mercury content," said Gamble. "I'm staying ahead of the game by installing LEDs now. Clearly LEDs are the future of food safe lighting. It is an obvious choice."

Most of the LED fixtures at Agro-Jal are also equipped with motion-sensing on/off technology, further reducing energy use. "It's an incredible value for light output versus wattage," said Pereira of CIM Electric, contracted to complete the installation.

With the spring harvest just around the corner at the time of installation, it was imperative for Agro-Jal to finish its new cold warehouse quickly. The Noribachi LED fixtures were more than up to the task. "The ease of installation was an 8 out of 10, and I was very impressed by the quality of the fixture itself. It's really well put together," said Pereira.

Noribachi is a privately held company incorporated in Delaware with offices in Los Angeles CA and Albuquerque NM. For more information, visit

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