McLeod Software introduces new modules during annual conference

Nov. 1, 2007
McLeod Software used the occasion of its recent annual Users' Conference to unveil a variety of new management software programs, including the latest

McLeod Software used the occasion of its recent annual Users' Conference to unveil a variety of new management software programs, including the latest version of its LoadMaster enterprise transportation management system, a new driver recruiter feature added to its Document Imaging product, and enhancements to its PowerBroker logistics and broker management system.

The new LoadMaster Version 8.2 includes more than 50 new features and nine new modules. Of note are the Rapid Alert Notification System (RANS) and the Symphony Mobile Communications Modules.

Building upon its Rapid Alert product, which provides color-coded alerts, the RANS is an early warning system that constantly searches for user-defined exceptions in LoadMaster and provides instant notification alerts by email, message window, or custom audible warning as soon as a potential issue is detected.

“RANS turns LoadMaster into a proactive exception management system,” said Tom McLeod, president and founder of McLeod Software. “With it, customers have the ability to rapidly and proactively respond to potential delivery failures and address issues as they happen. This enables them to take action before an issue becomes a major problem, thereby improving customer service and minimizing errors.”

The Symphony Mobile Communications Module provides the ability to “rapidly, easily and cost-effectively” fully integrate LoadMaster with multiple mobile communication solutions through one common user interface. McLeod said this enables a company to switch vendors, or test a number of systems, without the need to purchase and install an entirely new module.

With Symphony, the McLeod LoadMaster system is now fully integrated with a number of mobile communications systems, including: @Road, Carrier Web, DriverTech, GE VeriWise, GeoLogic Solutions, PeopleNet, Qualcomm, SkyBitz, Teletrac, and TransCore.

Document imaging

The HirePower module is the latest capability of McLeod Software's Document Imaging system. This module is designed to reduce hiring times through a paperless system that provides for remote data entry of applications and a controlled, consistent application process.

HirePower allows driver candidates to input their application remotely to a secure website. The completed application is then automatically made available to all members of a recruiting team. The system then assigns and monitors the various verification and compliance tasks required in the driver hiring process.

The end result is a fully compliant application package processed in days through an automated and paperless fashion, versus the traditional paper-laden process that takes weeks, Matt Cacace, McLeod Software's chief operating officer, said. “This could ultimately be the difference between hiring the qualified driver you really want and losing that same qualified driver to another company that processed the paperwork first.”

While designed to be used with the LoadMaster system, HirePower can be used as a standalone application, he said.

McLeod Software has developed an EDI For Logistics Module for its PowerBroker management system. The new Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capability allows brokers and logistics operations to, with a click of one button, offer tenders to a carrier and receive acknowledgements, responses, and status updates in real-time without manual intervention.

The module's table-driven configuration options allow accommodation of most customer requirements with programming.

As a result, said Cacace, brokers and logistics operations will be able to handle higher volumes, improve accuracy, do faster order fulfillment, and increase the visibility of their transactions.

“The integration of EDI for Logistics with PowerBroker screens provides the tools necessary to automate and streamline business processes, and save money and time by eliminating mailing costs, phone calls, faxes, and redundant data entry,” he said.

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