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Lineage Logistics, Dreisbach Enterprises open Cool Port in Oakland CA

Nov. 6, 2018
Learn about Lineage Cool Port Oakland, the newest hub for temperature-controlled cargo transitioning through Northern California.

Lineage Logistics LLC and Dreisbach Enterprises announced the official opening of Lineage Cool Port Oakland, the world’s latest next-generation cold storage and logistics facility. Set on 25 acres at the Port of Oakland CA’s waterfront, Cool Port will serve as the newest hub for temperature-controlled cargo transitioning through Northern California.

Cool Port is a collaboration between warehousing and logistics industry leaders Lineage and Dreisbach, with additional funding and support from the Port of Oakland and the state of California. This combination brings together world-class cold-chain logistics expertise and steadfast commitment to innovation and community growth.

“We are excited to expand Lineage’s dynamic, temperature-controlled facility network with the addition of Cool Port,” said Greg Lehmkuhl, Lineage’s president and chief executive officer. “The facility showcases the unique and unmatched value that Lineage can deliver to customers’ extended supply chains. Cool Port is now one of the fastest, most cost-effective and quality-controlled means of transporting perishable foods internationally.”

The 280,000-square-foot depot with 90 truck dock doors can send up to one million tons of perishable product through the Port of Oakland annually. Cool Port’s strategic proximity to the port’s marine terminal entrance will expedite the transition process between ship and warehouse, thereby reducing transportation costs and energy expenditure. Oakland is the last port of call for transpacific cargo—ensuring faster transit times for shipping perishable food products to Asian markets.

A secure, fully cold chain-compliant facility, Cool Port offers 20,000 pallet positions, has three blast cells and includes a 100,000-square-foot, high-cube, multi-temperature storage environment. The new facility also supports a full range of services including rail transload and truck cross-dock operations, frozen and refrigerated storage, import-export services, onsite US Department of Agriculture inspection and labeling capabilities.

Cool Port will reduce truck usage compared with standard temperature-controlled facilities, resulting in reduced diesel emissions. Up to 36 railcars per day can go straight to shipping containers to be loaded, eliminating the need to load cargo onto trucks for transfer between ships and rail.

Cargo handling equipment for Lineage Cool Port is also 100% electric-powered, which is projected to prevent nearly 9,000 pounds of CO2 emissions in the first five years of operation. Cool Port will also use lightweight chassis and tractors to increase pounds per container, decreasing shipping costs and lowering transaction complexity.

The new operation will also drive job growth in the region, employing roughly 200 people from Oakland and other nearby locations. Oakland, already a hub for ocean transport of chilled and frozen meat products, will see eight new jobs created each time 1,000 new containers are moved through the facility.

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