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J.B. Hunt Transport Services, KeepTruckin integrate solutions

April 2, 2021
New platform combination delivers greater visibility into capacity, offers carriers better-aligned freight opportunities

J.B. Hunt Transport Services and KeepTruckin recently integrated the freight-matching platform within J.B. Hunt 360° with KeepTruckin’s Smart Load Board, providing greater visibility into capacity and offering carriers freight opportunities that better align with their operations.

“By integrating our two platforms, we can gain a more transparent view of the marketplace and better match capacity demand with available trucks,” said Shelley Simpson, chief commercial officer and executive vice president of people and human resources at J.B. Hunt. “KeepTruckin is a trusted name among carriers, and we believe this cross-platform functionality will help businesses move freight with greater efficiency.”

Through the integration, freight available in J.B. Hunt 360 will be accessible through KeepTruckin’s Smart Load Board, the latest addition to KeepTruckin’s fleet management platform. Approved carriers will be able to book loads and make offers on available freight using the Smart Load Board’s web or mobile platform, connecting trucks with available freight in a seamless, convenient process. Carriers can also opt-in to provide their location data for the duration of the load, giving shippers the ability to track and trace the status of their shipments in real-time using J.B. Hunt 360.

“The KeepTruckin Smart Load Board is the first and only ELD-based freight marketplace that automatically matches loads based on a deep understanding of a carrier's needs and preferences,” said Shoaib Makani, CEO of KeepTruckin. “We’re proud to collaborate with a renowned industry leader like J.B. Hunt to move freight faster than ever before by providing access to capacity at scale and real-time visibility. Our load matching algorithms ingest billions of data points each day to ensure the right load gets in front of the right carrier.”

KeepTruckin launched the Smart Load Board in October 2020. This free freight marketplace aggregates thousands of loads from trusted brokers like J.B. Hunt and surfaces them directly in KeepTruckin’s web and mobile platforms for carriers to intuitively book. Brokers can connect with both existing and new carrier capacity via the Smart Load Board to efficiently communicate load availability to over 85,000 KeepTruckin carriers.

J.B. Hunt 360 is the company’s technology solution that addresses the need for efficiency, cost savings, and visibility across the supply chain. In 2020, more than 1.2 million loads were processed through J.B. Hunt 360, and transactions executed through the marketplace for J.B. Hunt 360 exceeded $1.4 billion.

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