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Rite-Hite adds loading dock levelers

July 5, 2010
Rite-Hite has added smooth-transition technology to its line of high-capacity loading dock levelers.

Rite-Hite has added smooth-transition technology to its line of high-capacity loading dock levelers.

The RHH-5000 leveler and RHJ-5000 JUMBO leveler, which can handle gross loads ranging from 25,000 to 40,000 lbs, are designed to minimize the risk of back injuries. These can occur from jolts that lift truck drivers experience when crossing the leveler platform and warehouse floor as vehicles are serviced. The enhanced levelers also contribute to improved productivity and lower lifetime ownership costs.

Rite-Hite’s high-capacity levelers are for use wherever heavy forklift loads are common. To address high levels of jolting associated with heavy loads, the enhanced levelers now feature a constant-radius rear hinge that reduces bumps and gaps between the leveler and warehouse floor, while a two-point crown control on the leveler’s front lip provides a seamless crossing from leveler to truck bed. The design helps reduce exposure to whole-body shocks and vibration. A smooth pathway also contributes to improved productivity since lift truck drivers can maintain safe and productive speeds as they travel across the leveler. It also contributes to lower leveler repair and replacement costs, as well as reduced product damage.

The RHH-5000 leveler is engineered to provide full access to end loads of trailers. To do so, it features a slotted lip that can be positioned out of the way for unobstructed end loading. The RHJ-5000 JUMBO measures 102 inches wide. It provides full-width access below dock end loads, allowing forklifts to safely and efficiently manage loads without interference from pit walls or dock bumpers. Both levelers also have an extended lip chamfer for an even smoother transition between trailer and leveler.

The complete line of Rite-Hite hydraulic levelers comes standard with biodegradable hydraulic fluid. The levelers’ standard safety features include an automatic SAFE-T-LIP barrier to protect against forklift drop-off from vacant docks and an advanced hydraulic system for full-range leveler float and automatic free-fall protection. They also have pushbutton activation along with fully hydraulic platform positioning and lip extension. All models also have the SAFE-T-STRUT maintenance support strut that supports the leveler deck and lip for safe pit access during maintenance, and a platform with eight beams, four rear uprights, and a front header. The entire line meets or exceeds ANSI MH30.1 standards.

For more information, call 1-800-456-0600 or visit the website at

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