Thermo King launches Precedent

Aug. 8, 2012
Thermo King is launching the Precedent, a new trailer temperature control platform.

Thermo King is launching the Precedent, a new trailer temperature control platform. Built from the ground up, it delivers double-digit fuel savings, best-in-class performance, and lower life cycle costs, while providing regulatory compliance and peace of mind for trailer owners and operators.

Beginning January 1, 2013, Thermo King will also offer a range of truck and auxiliary power unit (APU) systems compliant with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier IV final regulations for engine emissions. These units will set new standards in fuel efficiency and emissions control.

Leaders from Thermo King will share these solutions at an event August 9, 2012, at the firm’s headquarters in Bloomington MN.

The Precedent features a new platform for the trailer market designed to be fully compliant with new EPA Tier IV final regulations. These units provide options including:

•The S-600, a greater-than-25-horsepower single-temperature unit with an evergreen engine for use in California

•The S-700, a greater-than-25-hp high-capacity single-temperature unit with an evergreen engine for use in California

•The C-600, a less-than-25-hp single-temperature unit with an allowed useful life in California of seven years

The Precedent platform features a new Diesel Direct Electric architecture to deliver optimum efficiencies, temperature control, and double-digit fuel savings.

The Precedent S-series offers a fuel injection system that delivers optimal fuel injection at exactly the right time to control particulate matter emissions within engine cylinders. This makes the Precedent S-series engine run more cleanly and eliminates the need for an aftertreatment system such as a diesel particulate filter.

New Thermo King systems available in 2013

At the Aug 9 event, Thermo King will also unveil new regulation-compliant systems available in 2013, including T-Series enhancements and the TriPac Evolution APU:

•T-Series 2013 enhancements—T-Series truck refrigeration units will achieve compliance with EPA Tier IV final regulations and be available in the first quarter of 2013. Compliance will be achieved through a combination of technologies including new engines and an electronic throttling valve (ETV) to deliver improved pulldown and fuel efficiency.

Testing demonstrates that the ETV saves up to 30% in fuel, reaches setpoint up to 50% faster, and runs the engine up to 17% less. The full T-Series range will be offered in 2013 with new model names, including T-580R, T-680R, T-880R, T-1080R, T-680S, T-880S, T-1080S, and T-1080S Spectrum multi-temperature units.

•TriPac Evolution APU—It will lower overall truck fuel consumption, reduce emissions, and provide driver comfort. This system, which can be ordered after Jan 1, 2013, for shipment in second quarter 2013, meets Tier IV EPA final regulations requirements while leveraging new patented technology to drive unit performance, efficiency, and user productivity.

The updated TriPac has software that can be customized to enhance the user’s operating profile. This APU also provides an extended maintenance interval of 1,500 hours, a new flash-loadable control system, and improved service access.

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