Utility Trailer has innovative composite wall trailer

Oct. 1, 2008
Utility Trailer Manufacturing's newest offering is the 4000D-X Composite van trailer. Designed to be lighter and as strong as a conventional plate trailer,

Utility Trailer Manufacturing's newest offering is the 4000D-X Composite van trailer. Designed to be lighter and as strong as a conventional plate trailer, the new trailer has added performance characteristics. These include enhanced payload carrying capability, load securement versatility, and long-life expectancy.

The bonded construction of the new trailer's composite side wall combines Utility's sheet and post thin-wall design with the polyurethane foam technology benefits pioneered in the manufacturer's top selling 3000R refrigerated trailer, said company vice president - sales and marketing Craig Bennett. This allows for additional weight savings without compromising the side wall durability and strength, or the 101-inch minimum inside trailer width.

The primary advantage in Utility's polyurethane foam core over the polyethylene core found in common plate trailers is the lower density of polyurethane, he pointed out. That translates into a lower weight trailer, as much as 500 to 1,000 pounds less.

The 4000D-X Composite has an 80,000 psi galvanized steel inside lining fitted with fully-recessed vertical logistic posts on 24-inch centers (minimum) and aluminum exterior side skin panels. As standard equipment, the lower portion of the trailer's interior panel has a full-length, one-piece 12-inch-high galvanized steel wearband for added impact protection, strength, and stiffness.

The interior lining panels are pre-painted white for greater light reflection, allowing forklift drivers to see better, reducing interior damage.

The trailer comes standard with an air-ride suspension and “the industry's strongest” 27-inch-deep integrated threshold plate, said Bennett. It is fully-welded to both the buckplate and the 24-inch-deep side gussets.

Extra floor support is built in, with two 5-¼-inch deep steel channel crossmembers that are welded to the slider subframe and the bottom of the threshold plate.

Flooring planks are pre-undercoated for 100% coverage to extend floor life, and a special sealant is applied between each floorboard seam.

Bennett said the 4000D-X Composite was torture track-tested at Utility's own “real world” test track for the equivalent of two lifetimes, or about 20 years.

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