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ThermoPod offers biodegradable packaging

July 12, 2012
ThermoPod introduces super-insulated temperature control and protective mailers and packaging liners made with components that are completely biodegradable.

ThermoPod introduces super-insulated temperature control and protective mailers and packaging liners made with components that are completely biodegradable.

Both ThermoPod mailer envelopes and ThermoKeeper insulated box liners are “green” alternatives to foam envelopes, coolers, and other non-biodegradable shipping containers. They offer eco-friendly shipping options to cold chain packaging customers interested in reducing their environmental impact.

These mailer envelopes and insulated box liners provide thermal protection for extended-time-frame shipping of temperature-sensitive products such as wine, chocolate, cakes and pies, pharmaceuticals, and other perishables.

The outer surface of a ThermoPod mailer is a biodegradable waterproof poly film, and the inner surface is a biodegradable perforated poly film. A proprietary ultra-insulating padding, which is also biodegradable, is sandwiched between the outer and inner films. Insulation is made from a carefully selected blend of cotton and wool recycled textile fibers that are purified, flocked, and bonded together, producing a soft natural ultra-insulating material.

The insulation also includes an EPA-approved anti-microbial additive for cross-contamination prevention and super-absorbent fibers for containment of accidental spills or undesirable condensation from thawing gel packs.

A bottom-gusseted design allows for increased content space while using a smaller dimensional weight versus box shipments. ThermoPod mailers are available in three standard sizes (9" x 11", 12" x 14", and 14" x 18") designed to fit into standard UPS and FedEx boxes. The double-sealed mailer offers thick padding to help cushion and protect fragile contents. Custom sizes and private labeling are available.

ThermoKeeper patented insulated box liners feature the same ultra-insulating padding with EPA-approved antimicrobial additive as ThermoPod mailer envelopes. Flocked cotton/wool insulation material is formed into a soft flat panel and is custom-sized and laminated with a perforated poly film to form a two-piece pliable insulated box liner. The shipping system folds together and is compressed to ship flat for lower in-bound freight costs and efficient warehouse storage. When ready for use, ThermoKeeper easily assembles into an air-tight, stand-up container with a full flap-over lid custom sized to fit snugly inside customer shipping boxes. After use, the container is easy to collapse for re-use or for eco-friendly disposal. ThermoKeeper is customizable to any size container. Private labeling is also available.

These products are manufactured by the ThermoPod Division of MP Global Products. For additional information, access

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