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Penray debuts new line of coolant filters with synthetic media featured

Sept. 15, 2014
The Penray Companies Inc has introduced a new line of heavy-duty coolant filters featuring synthetic media with triple-layer engineering.

The Penray Companies Inc has introduced a new line of heavy-duty coolant filters featuring synthetic media with triple-layer engineering. In addition to the synthetic media, many of these new filters incorporate Penray’s exclusive Need-Release technology, which introduces coolant additives and fortifiers on an as-needed basis, stabilizing the coolant for optimum effectiveness. Penray also offers synthetic media filters for use with Extended Life Coolants (ELCs).
Penray’s new synthetic media coolant filters are designed to last up to 150,000 miles, 15 months, or 3,000 operating hours. They reduce overall operating costs by reducing parts and labor costs. This new Penray coolant filter media is fully compatible with conventional coolants as well as ELCs. They are available for all popular Class 6, 7, and 8 vehicles.
Key to the effectiveness and durability of these new heavy duty coolant filters is Penray’s fiberglass-based filtering media incorporated into a triple-layer design that provides exceptional filtration, even in extreme operating conditions. This design is built on a structural steel screen with an epoxy coating that provides a durable foundation wrapped in a non-woven sheet of polyester. All this is encased in Penray’s new fiberglass filtration media. Triple-layer construction allows these new filters to achieve unusually high levels of filtering efficiency and capacity for up to 150,000 miles.
Many of these new synthetic-based coolant filters feature Need-Release technology. Unlike time-release filters, which distribute additives at fixed time intervals even when not needed, Penray’s Need-Release filters incorporate “smart” technology. These filters include a membrane that senses deterioration in the coolant chemistry, and responds by releasing one of its four charges of additives and fortifiers to restore coolant chemistry. Over time, as key components of the coolant are depleted, the Need-Release technology releases additional charges of supplements to again restore the coolant to viability. This process continues over extended periods of time until all four charges have been released.
Penray also offers mounting brackets, plates, and hardware for retrofit, as well as threaded bushing adapters. This will allow fleet maintenance personnel to assure that all vehicles in a fleet use the same coolant filter, reducing inventory.
Information on Penray’s filter products can be found at

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