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Where’s my load? LOCATE mobile app has convenient answer

Sept. 9, 2013
While mobile apps are great for games and social media, where is the app that helps its user find his load and improves communication for the transportation industry?
In a connected world, knowing where product is at all times has never been more important. While mobile apps are great for games and social media, where is the app that helps its user find his load and improves communication for the transportation industry? With 97% of trucking companies operating 20 or fewer trucks, how can mobile technology be leveraged to effectively connect shippers and carriers? The LOCATE App provides an answer. LOCATE is a load tracking technology that provides shippers and brokers on-demand tracking—from the driver’s mobile phone—of their full truckloads handled by third-party carriers. The driver installs LOCATE free of charge onto his phone, and then the shipper/broker receives live location updates as well as loaded, empty, and arrival/departure notifications. Benefits of LOCATE include: •­Visibility—improve tracking compliance •Customer service—proactive communication via service alerts •Carrier diversification—lower costs while increasing capacity •Staff efficiency—leverage mobile to resolve problems at a fraction of the cost •Liability—reduce claims with temperature verification and eliminate unsafe phone calls
LOCATE has many applications within refrigerated transportation. It allows shippers, brokers, and carriers to better monitor time- and temperature-sensitive loads when in transit between dock doors. This applies to truckload products such as produce, refrigerated/frozen food, flowers, pharmaceuticals, and other perishables. Other applications include high-value products, theft prevention, and disaster response visibility.  Instead of a phone call asking “Where’s my load?”, LOCATE provides this information automatically to streamline communication between the driver and the shipper. Within the app, the driver can submit loaded and empty confirmations as well as access load details directly from the shipper’s operating system to view appointment times, temperature requirements, and a map for each destination.  Also, the driver has 100% transparency to all stored data sent to a customer by using the location history screen inside the app. LOCATE has a user-friendly dashboard for the shipper or broker with on-demand updates, breadcrumb maps, and historical reporting. Custom TMS integration is included so both the dashboard and shipper’s operating system are updating simultaneously with real-time data. For more information about LOCATE, call 800-935-3121 or access

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