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DeltaTrak adds data security feature to FlashLink BLE wireless solution

Dec. 11, 2017
Discover the benefits of a new data security feature added by DeltaTrak to its FlashLink BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) wireless monitoring solution.

DeltaTrak announces the addition of a new data security feature to the FlashLink BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) wireless monitoring solution.

According to Frederick Wu, president and CEO of DeltaTrak, “With the new security feature, shippers have the option to require receivers to enter an access code before they can see or download data from the BLE loggers. This gives them that extra layer of data security.”

A smartphone app sends information from a mobile device to the BLE web application, where it can be viewed remotely by authorized users.

This solution is ideal for three types of applications that include 24/7 facility monitoring, pre-cooling operations, and delivery routes. With the FlashLink BLE loggers, users have secure access to data, immediate alert notifications, and reports in PDF and CSV formats.

The FlashLink BLE logger helps suppliers maintain continuous visibility of temperature and humidity during facility monitoring and pre-cooling operations. It is especially ideal for 24/7 facility monitoring, such as cold storage warehouses, distribution centers, greenhouses, temperature-controlled processing, packing and staging areas. Alert notifications are sent to personnel, allowing them to take quick corrective action before products are compromised by changes in temperature conditions.

With the FlashLink BLE solution, pre-cooling operations will improve efficiency, increase pallet throughput and extend product shelf life. The loggers monitor produce in cooling tunnels, and when required temperatures are reached, alerts are sent via email or SMS notifications. Instead of pre-cooling based on time and relying on staff to take pulp temperature, this automates tracking and provides real-time temperature conditions during the process. Data can be analyzed by personnel to identify strengths and weaknesses of their operation, and assure that products are adequately cooled, while eliminating the problem of pallets not being cooled long enough.

For delivery routes, receivers can also read temperature history data from the FlashLink BLE Logger without opening the vehicle doors or locating the logger inside the truck. As soon as a vehicle arrives, the smartphone application accesses data from the logger from up to 100 feet (30 meters) away, so information is available immediately upon arrival.

FlashLink BLE Logger settings are customizable, including device name, logging interval, and high/low alarm limits. All data is available in the cloud, where temperature and location are reviewed remotely for tracking shipments in progress, making cold chain management decisions and reports for audits, HACCP and FSMA documentation.

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