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SafeConnect standby connection for TRUs earns SmartWay verification

April 30, 2018
See why SafeConnect's six-pin standby connection for TRUs has been verified by the US EPA SmartWay Technology Program.

SafeConnect, makers of an electric standby connection system for transport refrigeration units (TRUs) that mitigates the dangers of high-voltage arcing, announced that its six-pin control-circuit enhanced electric standby docking stations and truck trailer kits are now verified by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SmartWay Technology Program.

The company joins a list of SmartWay-verified idling reduction technologies. Applicants for Diesel Emissions Reductions Act (DERA) grants must adopt EPA SmartWay or CARB-verified technologies in order to be eligible for grant funding under regional and federal programs, which will help defray investment costs associated with adopting new technologies.

EPA’s SmartWay Technology Program has verified a range of technologies that have created efficiencies and improved the environmental impact of the trucking industry. In many cases, these technologies, which go through a testing and evaluation process to earn SmartWay verification status, emerge as standards for the industry and drive purchasing decisions.

A patented control-circuit enhanced electric standby connection system, SafeConnect has a quick-disconnect six-pin plug that mitigates risks associated with high-voltage arcing. Compared with older four-pin systems, SafeConnect mitigates the risk of electrocution to drivers, employees and pedestrians that can happen from accidental drive-away or unattended live wires. Two extra pins in the six-pin plug govern the control circuit, and when disconnected, automatically shut down high-voltage power at the control box.

SafeConnect also delivers a second return on investment for fleet managers investing in electric standby systems. In addition to the lower energy costs typically associated with using electric standby, it can extend the life of electric motors. Frequent arcing that commonly occurs from disconnecting four-pin plug systems under load causes plug scarring, often leading to voltage drop and amperage issues that can prematurely burn out motors. With the SafeConnect six-pin system, that arcing is virtually eliminated.

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