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Morgan unveils reefer concept truck

March 22, 2022
A recent collaboration with Lion Electric and Thermo King produces a highly efficient, 24-foot battery electric refrigerated vehicle.

Morgan Truck Body recently unveiled its latest body innovations with the introduction of an electrified refrigerated concept truck.

“Morgan is at the forefront of our customers’ transition to an electrified refrigerated fleet,” said Tom Diez, vice president of sales and marketing at Morgan. “We have been partnering and collaborating with OEMs, customers, and end users to drive the innovations on the electrified truck bodies we are unveiling.”

Mounted on a Lion Electric Lion6 chassis, and utilizing a Thermo King all-electric refrigeration unit, the 24-foot truck body revealed during Work Truck Week is constructed with state-of-the-art materials that are designed to maximize thermal efficiency and lighten the load, and includes a full complement of situational awareness sensors, the companies said. Morgan is a leading producer of light- and medium-duty truck bodies that are compatible with fully electric powertrains and transport refrigeration units (TRUs). The TRU is seamlessly integrated with Lion’s vehicle systems and powered by the vehicle’s onboard batteries, which use Lion’s proprietary battery thermal management systems to maximize efficiency.

Morgan’s EV refrigerated truck body is designed with an aluminum-extruded subframe that provides “significant” weight reduction and composite panels that reduce weight without compromising structural integrity, Morgan said. The truck body is shaped to improve aerodynamics, utilizing cab-mounted fairing, side skirting, and wheel covers that reduce drag and help with energy efficiency and maximize delivery range.

Advanced energy-saving features include a high-speed side curtain door improving thermal efficiency, food chain security, and significant energy savings by maintaining a constant temperature and humidity barrier for electric reefer truck interiors. Interior walls are insulated with 3 inches of thermal-efficient polyurethane foam to maximize energy savings.

“As the leading manufacturer of truck bodies in the electrified light- and medium-duty transportation segment, Lion Electric appreciates the opportunity to collaborate with Morgan Truck Body on new applications for our Lion trucks,” said Brian Piern, chief commercial officer of Lion. “Together, we are introducing unique features specifically adapted to end users, as well as to commercial fleets with temperature-sensitive needs, who will have the opportunity to experience the many benefits that electric trucks offer.”

The all-electric TRU utilized in Morgan’s concept vehicle is Thermo King’s recently introduced e1000 unit, which Thermo King says will satisfy the refrigeration needs of large truck operators, with the zero-emission benefits of electrification. As part of Thermo King’s evolve product line, the e1000 unit provides customers with sustainable solutions with increased reliability, lower weight, and reduced noise.

“Thermo King is committed to delivering our customers a fully electrified portfolio of transportation solutions for every segment of the cold chain by 2025,” said Chris Tanaka, VP of product management for Thermo King Americas. “Partnering with respected industry leaders and technology innovators will help to further ensure that our new line of electrified products maintains the same level of quality, reliability and performance our customers expect from the Thermo King brand.”

Added Corby Stover, Morgan’s VP of engineering: “Our customers seek energy-efficient solutions that offset the weight added by batteries, without losing cargo capacity and delivery range, and this body addresses these challenges head on.

“The demand for electrification has been a catalyst for innovation. The creation of our Innovation Lab along with our existing (research and development) center will provide a collaborative approach for Morgan to introduce new technologies and drive the transition to electric vehicles.”

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