IQAX, BoxPlus introduce IBOX Reefer

Nov. 24, 2023
New refrigerated container combines Hong Kong-based IQAX’s software with internet-of-things devices and sensors from BoxPlus to better protect sensitive cargo.

IQAX, which is a Hong Kong-based developer of shipping and logistics technology solutions, recently invested in BoxPlus Information Technology Company as part of its efforts to support the growing reefer market with the IBOX Reefer, which companies IQAX’s software with IoT devices and sensors developed by BoxPlus.

“The reefer market is growing rapidly,” IQAX CEO Romney Wong said in a news release. “Carriers have a pressing need for innovative and powerful technology solutions that can ensure their customers’ precious refrigerated cargo is protected throughout the shipping journey. IBOX Reefer allows carriers to lower risks, cut costs, generate value, and access tangible benefits from state-of-the-art software and IoT technology.

“We are very pleased to have invested in and worked together with BoxPlus to bring this solution to the market and work with more carriers to ensure sensitive reefer cargo is protected.”

The IBOX Reefer helps ensure the optimal condition of reefer cargo throughout its journey, allowing carriers to cut operational costs and optimize resources, and giving them increased visibility of the status of reefer cargo.

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and big data, the solution integrates data collected from IoT devices in containers with shipment data to generate granular end-to-end visibility for reefer shipments, the companies said. IBOX Reefer can analyze container use and maintenance history, and identify issues that negatively impact reefer shipping.

The solution uses BoxPlus’s monitoring devices, which are compliant with the Container Owners Association UDM standard. These devices provide frequent updates, stable performance, and extended battery life, ensuring end-to-end global monitoring.

“Our IBOX devices are developed with cutting-edge technology and combine with IQAX’s software innovations into a plug and play solution for container shipped cargo,” said Afra Guo, BoxPlus general managing director. “With this solution, BoxPlus will provide the market with a state-of-the-art product that can create significant value for end users in an efficient way in the rapidly growing smart container sector.”

The IBOX Reefer makes it possible to:

  • Capture pre-trip inspection (PTI) data and use AI to save time, reduce errors, and cut costs by avoiding unnecessary PTI inspections
  • Share reefer operational data and insights, predictive ETAs, and real-time location data to provide true end-to-end visibility that can improve carrier customer experiences
  • Enhance the security of high-value cargo with door open and smart alerts to avoid false alarms and allocate maintenance resources more effectively

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