Morgan Truck Body
The Morgan Truck Body Project Agora concept body featured on an Isuzu FTR chassis.

Morgan Truck Body reveals ‘shape of things to come’

March 15, 2024
Manufacturer showcases two versatile new concept bodies for delivery applications, dubbed Projects ‘Agora’ and ‘Blackjack,’ during Work Truck Week in Indianapolis.

Morgan Truck Body, a manufacturer of light- and medium-duty refrigerated truck bodies, recently introduced two new concept bodies dubbed Projects “Agora” and “Blackjack.”

“Reflecting years of design evolution, the Morgan concept bodies are built with a focus on aerodynamics, lightweighting, improved ergonomics, and enhanced situational awareness for increased driver convenience and productivity,” Corby Stover, Morgan president, said in a news release. “These designs represent the continuing evolution of the Morgan truck body to meet future market and customer needs.”

Customers utilizing either traditional-fuel engines or battery-electric vehicles will benefit from the “innovative, universal” design of the concept bodies in final-mile delivery applications, Morgan said. The manufacturer featured its Agora concept body on an Isuzu FTR chassis and its Blackjack body on an International eMV Series battery-electric chassis during NTEA’s Work Truck Week 2024 in Indianapolis.

Innovations on both bodies include:

  • Extended range and efficiency with military-grade advanced composites to shape airflow around the body to reduce drag and improve aerodynamics for both traditional fuel engines and electric vehicles
  • Mid-panel translucent roof allows natural sunlight to pass through while reducing the amount of heat transferred into the truck body associated with typical translucent roof panels
  • Lightweight body components, including an aluminum subframe that is anti-corrosive and significantly improves customer payload capacity
  • Ergonomic enhancements and ease of use to reduce operator stress
    • Motion sensor-activated LED strip lighting provides efficient and consistent light throughout the length of the body
    • Encapsulated hardwood floor with anti-slip surface

Project Agora’s specific features:

  • Rivetless smooth wall aluminum construction
  • A reduction of 18% in aerodynamic drag improves fuel economy and extends range for both traditional fuel engines and battery electric vehicles
  • Powered rear overhead door and powered side canister door reduce physical strain with effortless operation. Operators can operate the powered doors with a touchscreen in the cab, remote key fobs, or intelligent keyless entry.
  • Situational Awareness with EAVX VX-Controls includes external 360-degree and internal cargo area cameras, which can be viewed in both the cab and cargo area and provide enhanced awareness of potential hazards in or around the vehicle. Rear and side blind spot monitoring supplements the camera systems to alert drivers of potential moving hazards near the truck.

Project Blackjack’s specific features:

  • Constructed with structural composite foam core wall panels
  • A reduction of 20% in drag improves fuel economy and extends range for both traditional fuel engines and battery electric vehicles
  • Situational Awareness with Morgan SA 5.0 Package featuring digital rear-view mirror, back up proximity sensors, 360-degree and internal cargo area cameras and supplemental hazard detection
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