ATA: Highway Bill Conferees should back EOBR mandate

American Trucking Assns. (ATA) president & CEO Gov. Bill Graves wants members of the upcoming conference committee on the surface transportation bill to require motor carriers to use electronic onboard recorders (EOBRs) as driver log devices to promote driver compliance with hours-of-service limits.

“We urge conferees in both bodies to adopt the Senate’s requirement for carriers to use electronic logging devices to monitor drivers’ hours-of-service compliance,” Graves said. “Clearly, these devices lead to greater compliance with maximum driving limits – which is very good for the trucking industry as a whole and highway safety.”

He noted that ATA supports an electronic logging mandate, based on feedback from member carriers that find the technology improves compliance, safety and operating efficiency.

“Many logging devices, or electronic onboard recorders, have additional functions that aid in managing fuel use, routes and other aspects of fleet operations – reducing fuel consumption and making carriers more efficient and environmentally responsible,” Graves said. “In addition, research shows that drivers at fleets using electronic logging devices report improved morale.”

According to ATA, Congress “should require that all large trucks be equipped with an electronic logging device and, by doing so, stand with law enforcement officials and the vast majority in the trucking industry who want to further improve trucking’s compliance and safety record.”


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