Buyer Beware

Don't forget to do your research.  It is not about who is the first certified ELD supplier.   It's about having the best and the ones with the resources and compliance experts to support you and your fleet's needs.  There are providers out there that have registered with FMCSA as “self-certified,” but FMCSA test cases are incomplete and quote the SNPRM, not the final rule.   It is highly unlikely that those who have rushed to be certified meet all the certification requirements

Every fleet that is subject to the ELD mandate should partner with their ELD supplier. Purchasing and implementing an ELD device on your own may not a wise strategy.  Make sure that your device will be compliant by the adoption date or whether your existing device can be grandfathered in.  The grandfather clause states that if you have a previously installed AOBRD, you can use the self-certified device for another two years, meaning four years total of use.  Check whether the hardware you purchase now can be used in four years with a software update to be ELD compliant. 

During the “Awareness and Transition Phase” (February 16, 2016, to December 18, 2017) there will be a lot of confusion at the roadside; it will be a mess.  Know that your device needs to expeditiously complete data transfers of the drivers logs electronically at the roadside, it should be noted that the software enforcement will be using is not completed. This means vendors cannot do end- to- end testing to complete self-certification.

A trusted partner with experts on staff can best prepare you and your drivers outside of the actual hardware and solution to understand how the additional ELD requirements pertain to driver harassment, device malfunctions and short-haul drivers.

There are other considerations to make when choosing an ELD provider.  Do you just want to be compliant or do want to get much more?  While back-office analytics are not a requirement in the rule, they are critical to properly auditing and monitoring drivers’ logs. Choose a solution with back office analytics to help with compliance and see high-value ROI.

Maximize the potential of the ELD— to see the best ROI. Know the product and your needs.

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