Federal agents raid trucking company for allegedly forcing drivers to falsify logbooks

As a result of an ongoing investigation since 2006, federal agents raided Beam Brothers Trucking, Mt. Crawford, VA, on charges of forcing drivers to falsify logbooks. According to WHSV News, federal warrants show workers reported their supervisors forced them to lie about the hours they worked in order to get paid.

Agents said more than seven witnesses complained about having to falsify their logbooks. One worker reported having to drive from Knoxville, TN, to Dallas, TX, for Beam Brothers and since that worker couldn’t make the trip in less than 11 hours, he said management made him lie about his hours worked.

Some of the workers said they were told to destroy their logbooks at the end of their routes and fill out new ones.

Federal agents raided the trucking company on Feb. 12 based on this evidence.

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