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FMCSA extends comments on drug clearinghouse

The public will have more time to comment on the proposed drug and alcohol clearinghouse, although not as much time that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration was asked to provide. In a notice posted April 17 at the Office of the Federal Register, FMCSA granted a 30-day extension to the original comment deadline, allowing comments to be filed until May 21.

On April 15, the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Assn. asked FMCSA to grant a 60-day extension on FMCSA’s clearinghouse proposal. Without explanation for its reasoning, FMCSA acknowledged OOIDA’s concerns but only granted a 30-day extension.

FMCSA in February proposed a national clearinghouse for drug and alcohol testing results. Under the proposed rule, the clearinghouse will keep track of commercial driver’s license holders who fail a drug or alcohol test, refuse to submit to a test or successfully complete a substance-abuse program and are legally qualified to return to duty.

For more information on FMCSA’s proposal or to comment on the plan, go to and search FMCSA-2011-0031.

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