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Gorilla Safety tests compliance model for ELDs

Gorilla Safety announced it is reviewing the current compliance model it uses to test its Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) products. 

The company said it will be taking a look at its compliance and self-assessment processes, test results and test procedures performed by management, and is seeking advice on process improvement opportunities and recommendations to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of its compliance processes; improve management’s awareness of compliance and control requirements that may affect Gorilla Safety’s products; and identify steps that can be taken in anticipation that these requirements may become applicable to Gorilla Safety as its products continue to evolve.  The company noted it has engaged KPMG LLP to conduct an objective assessment of its processes.

Gorilla Safety added it is taking key steps to formalize its compliance processes and embed testing and validation considerations into every software change.

“The impact to the FMCSA compliance requirements is now formally evaluated for each contemplated enhancement and these considerations are embedded in how Gorilla Safety progresses each of these changes,” according to the company. “Furthermore, Gorilla Safety is taking additional steps to continuously improve its compliance and self-assessment processes.” 

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