Kansas Turnpike toll increases begin today

As announced in November, the Kansas Turnpike Authority (KTA) has increased tolls effective today. K-TAG tolls increased approximately 5% for commercial trucks.

The KTA said the increase means that K-TAG customers can now save up to 30% over cash tolls, depending on which payment option is chosen.

“The differences between cash and K-TAG tolls are intended to better align KTA’s costs of providing services to these two types of customers while continuing to achieve greater operating efficiencies,” the KTA said.

“Electronic transactions cost less to process than cash transactions. The increase will assist the turnpike in supporting future capital needs, especially ongoing deck replacements on some of KTA’s 348 bridges,” a KTA newsletter states.

The turnpike has a financial plan based on modest increases on a somewhat frequent basis — every three years, as a goal — rather than deferring until larger

increases are necessary, according to the newsletter.

“This planned toll increase remains consistent with the KTA’s mission of providing high-quality, highway transportation services for the lowest reasonable cost.”

For further information on turnpike tolls, visit http://www.ksturnpike.com/.

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