Large trucks banned from local roads

Supervisors in Williams Township, PA, voted to restrict truck travel on three township roads, which they say are inadequate to support heavy truck use, according to a Morning Call report. The measure is in response to several accidents where trucks have driven off the roads, especially at tight corners.

The township will now limit trucks using Old Well Road and Diehl Road to single unit chasses no longer than 30 ft. Trucks using Cressman Road are limited to 20 ft.

Township officials said truckers often use the routes as a shortcut and predict that proposed signs warning drivers of the limits won’t stop trucks from using the routes. Because the township has no dedicated police, there is no way to enforce the ban, officials said, but they warn that Pennsylvania State Police units do patrol the township and if a trucker is cited for using the local roads as a shortcut, the township will slap offenders with a $500 fine.

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