QuickChat: Designing Safety for Commercial Vehicles

July 13, 2023
Kevin Jones of FleetOwner and Lance Bertelle of Autoliv sit down to discuss current shortcomings in commercial vehicle safety and how new technology can be applied to save more lives in events like truck rollovers.

Autoliv is focusing its expertise on commercial vehicle occupant safety to help save more lives. Research indicates there are 340,000 medium- and heavy-duty trucks are involved in traffic crashes annually in the U.S. alone, resulting in 600 fatalities and 20,000 injured truck drivers. Autoliv seeks to do everything possible to reduce those numbers.

In this QuickChat, Lance Bertelle, Director of Business Development for Commercial Vehicles at Autoliv, discusses with Kevin Jones of Fleet Owner how commercial vehicle safety lacks in comparison to that of cars and pickup trucks, what can be done to make commercial vehicle seatbelts safer, and how injuries and fatalities can be reduced in events such as rollovers.

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