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Fleet Case Study: 15% YOY Growth for ITDS

Oct. 27, 2023
Learn how this small trucking company scaled significantly and maintained outstanding customer service without adding additional people. Sylectus TMS can automate operations and streamline processes throughout your fleet.

ITDS, a transportation services company, has been experiencing double digit growth year over year due to their guaranteed service and driver availability. ITDS realized that to continue providing the same outstanding service, they would need to add people.

However, by implementing a transportation management system (TMS), ITDS was able to gain:

  • Automated operations and streamlined processes across dispatch, payroll, and billing
  • Real-time notifications for trip management and event updates
  • Easy, systematic invoicing for faster payments

Download the case study to learn more about how a cloud-based TMS can help propel your fleet.       

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