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Get More Versatility with a Medium-Duty Truck

Sept. 26, 2022
Check out how medium-duty trucks are used throughout the economy to perform specialized jobs.

A rapidly evolving supply chain calls for different equipment to serve surging regional and local delivery demands. And a shortage of CDL-qualified drivers has also prompted many fleets to look for alternatives to Class 8 trucks. But light-duty trucks typically can’t take on the additional equipment needed for specialty applications, and Class 7 and 8 trucks come in too heavy to meet GVWR limits for non-CDL jobs.

But medium-duty trucks are just right when it comes to P&D—being both nimble enough for surface streets yet stout enough to support a reefer box, liftgate, or even a boom. Their versatility also makes applications requiring dumps, lifts, tanks, or flatbeds well-suited for the segment.

Are medium-duty trucks a solution for your fleet? Download the primer to get more details.

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