Advanced Disposal opens CNG fueling station in Detroit

Advanced Disposal opens CNG fueling station in Detroit

Advanced Disposal has opened a new compressed natural gas fueling station in Detroit. The station will support 56 new CNG trucks, serving the Detroit area.

“We are proud to run our Detroit fleet on CNG, which burns cleaner than diesel or gasoline and is significantly better for the environment,” said Eric VanHouten, general manager for Advanced Disposal’s Detroit operations.  “This is a large commitment to CNG fueling technology within the City of Detroit. It is our hope that the benefits of CNG will be recognized throughout the City for its cleaner emissions, quieter operations and overall improvement to the environmental quality of the community.”

According to the company, the conversion of a single truck from diesel to natural gas is the equivalent of taking as many as 325 cars off the road and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 23% compared to diesel vehicles.

“We’re proud to partner with a company that places the environment at the forefront of their operations,” said Gary Brown, City of Detroit’s COO. “Advanced Disposal’s CNG refueling station, along with the 56 new CNG trucks, truly paves the way for a greener Detroit.”

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