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amply Photo: Amply
Amply announces the new platform at its booth during ACT Expo.

Amply releases platform to optimize electric charging

Amply Power has released what it is calling a charging optimization platform designed to give fleet a comprehensive view of electric charging activities. 

Speaking at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Long Beach, CA., CEO Vic Shao noted that unlike diesel prices, electricity prices could go “up or down 300%” in a given day.

“Fleet customers not used to that," he added.

Known as “Amplify,” the platform is an automated, cloud-based software that tracks electricity rates, vehicle status, fleet size and other critical data. 

The company said Amplify uses real-time functionality to ensure energy pricing and scheduling transparency to maximize efficiency. It also provides predictive features to estimate the impact of future energy pricing or schedule changes.

"Piloting fleet electrification with a few vehicles is one thing, but for the industry to make a concerted switch to electric, they require a reliable, up-to-date window into their electricity costs and charging operations,” said Simon Lonsdale, head of sales and strategy for Amply Power. 

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